Six Months of Service (Daniel K. Dawdy) 

Cpl. Deb said:

In my year and three months in the unit, I have not seen as much dedication and effort given by a single person in six months. PFC Dawdy has put countless hours into the unit to better himself and those around him. PFC Dawdy has made efforts so that DP3S2 can be better. He makes map guides. These guides mark out good positions with the inclusion of pros and cons. These map guides have helped the squad become better and more informed of our DBotS's scenario maps. PFC Dawdy puts effort into hanging with the squad out of drills and guesting other drills. He applies for staff positions to help the unit function better. PFC Dawdy has made efforts into becoming a leader by being in SLT. He continues to prove himself and his ability to Squad HQ and above by successfully leading his team into battle. He has good relations with everyone in the squad, and I could not ask anything more from him. With this all said, Congratulations, PFC Dawdy, on your first AOCC; marking your first six months in the unit. Keep up the outstanding work.


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