2 Years of Service (Sondre Audunhus)

Cpl.Baron said:

T/5 Audunhus joined S1 over a month ago now, but he’s already had a long history with EP1. Since joining in 2017 he’s been the Pvt with big dreams and the skill to achieve those dreams. Usually new Pvt’s look forward to using something other than the standard rifle, they want more firepower with an MG, GL or CE but this Pvt was different. Fast forward 2 years and here he is, now in S1 with a sniper badge under his belt and now a T5. He’s not only great in game but he is a part of the S1 family now, great to talk to and just great to be around. I speak for all of S1 when I say that we are happy to have T/5 Audunhus in S1 and I am proud to present this T/5 with his 4th AOCC and 1st WW1 Victory Medal. Well done T/5, keep up the good work!.


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