Two Years Of Service (Thomas Kardell)

PFC. J. Wright said:

Cpl. Kardell I have gotten to know Cpl. Kardell when he became our new ASL. He came from EP1S1 were he was very well respected. So I was excited to see why... now I know, he has earned the respect from the entire EP1S2. When he was an ASL, he helped me get into SLT, even giving me advice that has kept me from making silly mistakes. When Sgt. Andersson stepped down from SL, the heavy burden of leadership was put onto Cpl. Kardell. He handles it like a true leader. It's very seldom to see him lose his cool and shout, especially with me being his ASL. I look forward to see where Cpl. Kardell goes with his 29th career. I wish you the best in the next six months.


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