Imitating my nickname


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    Hi !
    I was on the server a few minutes ago , and I noticed that another player had stolen my nickname ( LG_Derrick ) .
    I use this nickname for several months . How could another player imitate my nickname , please ?

  • They could've simply put their steam name the same as yours.

  • Hello LG_Derrick

    I'm assuming you are referring to Darkest Hour server. There is unfortunately not possible to "save" your nickname and make it unavailable to others, it's simply first come first serve. If you were a 29th member impersonating you would be rules violation, but taking the same name as you have chosen is not, otherwise DHPlayer would be a single guy instead of thousands.

    If anyone is breaking the rules with your name tag please contact FSgt. Cyr or myself in a personal message. Thank you.

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