To dispute your ban, you must first <a href="">register</a>; on these forums.<br><br>Please click "New Discussion" in the <a href="">Ban Disputes Forum</a> to create your own post, and use the following form by copying & pasting it into your post.<br><br>(<a href="">How to get your ROID</a>)<br>
<br>ROID: <br>Which Game were you banned on? (DH, RO2/RS, ArmA3, RS2: Vietnam, Squad)<br>Date/Time of Ban: <br>Name you used when banned: <br>Admin who banned you: <br>Why were you banned: <br>Why should you be unbanned:<br>
<br><br>Note: If you were Session Banned (Which only bans you for the duration of the map) then do not post a dispute about it. If you're not sure, wait until the server changes maps.<br><br>Note: If you are not very good at English, post in your language as well. One of us probably speaks your language.
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