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If anyone ever played Project Reality for BF2 it was a great mod, its basically made the game more realistic, the creators of the mod have been working on a standalone successor for some while on the Unreal Engine 4, the game has been voted one of the most popular Greenlight games until now in Steam's Greenlight service! At the moment the game is in pre-alpha state but from footage what i have seen is already looking great, basic stuff is in, but vehicles are still being developed. At the moment it's current state pretty is like Insurgency but on huge maps!

Official website:

Official Youtube channel with development diaries:

Greenlight Page:

Half hour long of well known youtuber DevilDogGamer playing the game with a developer:

A Kickstarter campaign will start at the end of the week:



  • Looks good and I love PR, but I try not to get excited for games like these from a small development team, a lot don't get finished or take a super long time (FE D:)

  • Looking at the video above, things already look very solid.

  • Looks really good, exited.

  • Looks amazing. I'll be sure to follow the progress

  • They are starting a Kickstarter campaign at the end of the week:

  • Its looking good! I loved LOVED BF2:PR. Been thinking of playing a lot lately, but I'd prefer to play with a squad of people I know and can trust (i.e 29ers). Anyone interested?

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    The game has allot of potential, who knows this game could replace Arma 3 for us in the 29th. It will be getting huge maps, vehicles but not the buggy unoptimized Arma 3 engine.

  • Me, Pvt. Speirs, and Cpl. Kim have been playing it a bit lately, it's always hard to find a good squad but. If we had enough people and someone was willing to be the squad leader it is a lot of fun.

  • Count me in PFC. Let me know when you guys are playing. I don't mind doing SL every so often either.

  • Where can I download PR? I'm pretty sure I have BF2 and would be interested in playing.

  • I have the same question as PFC Stear, I saw a video of this being played and I'd really love to see where it goes. I also agree with you Cpl., this could be a new iteration for us in the field of modern combat.

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    Project Reality

    If you need any help installing, I'll do it, but it is relatively simple these days (not like it used to be when the mod was still beta). This game is seriously good, though does take patience.

  • This looks pretty interesting. Does anyone know where I can get BF2?

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    You can get it on steam, or it is highly available on Amazon or other websites in hard copy. Ensure to the the get the Battlefield 2 Complete Collection otherwise PR might have issues. I'd recommend a hard copy, as I've known PR to be a bit funny with a BF2 copy brought from Steam.

  • But wait! In the upcoming patch, Project Reality is going to be standalone here is more info. You can buy it off G2A possibly, but it'll be ~$30 (CAD)

  • I retired a few months back and have not played much ArmA 3 since, but I have been following this new games development, I thought it would be cool to show you guys what it was.

    Something of note for those of you who may already be following this game, if five of you pool your money, you can buy a clan founder pack and have the 29th ID shoulder patch added to the game, and the details are currently being worked out for how additional clan members who did not use the access keys included within the clan pack can have the patch added to their uniforms.
    Kickstarter Info Page

    P.S.I might rejoin the 29th if there was an additional company and server set up for this game.

  • Oh nice! When are they intending to release the standalone?

  • Where can I download squad? Can't seem to find it on their website.

  • It has been greenlighted but is still in Pre-Alpha. Release is in early 2016

  • To the inevitable question of when 1.3 will be released, when it's ready :).

  • Lets just await its arrival first.

  • As a veteran of the PR community I am very excited to see a standalone game made by the creators of PR. I'd love to see the 29th get involved in SQUAD but like Cpl. Baker said, we will have to wait and see how it plays, etc.

  • For the mean time, anyone that wants a taste of what it MAY be like, lets get some PR going. Who's up for some this sunday evening?

  • @"2Lt. Boughen" said:
    For the mean time, anyone that wants a taste of what it MAY be like, lets get some PR going. Who's up for some this sunday evening?

    I'm interested.

  • I'm gonna start playing around 6PM EST for those that want to play.

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    The Kickstarter campaign has started and within a day they already got over $25,962 Canadian Dollars out of their goal of $184.000! I think they will easily get to their goal!



    After one day they already got 105,431 Canadian Dollars! And their goals is 184.000!

    Update: kickstarter campaign just reached 140.000!

  • New map:

    Has a ARMA feel to the map...

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    Project Reality just has released their latest version that is standalone, so you don't have to buy or use BF2 anymore!
    The website at the moment has crashed because of so many downloading.

    Alternative download link as their website can't take all the traffic:

  • Sounds cool. Anyone want to play?

  • a bunch of us have it, Lenard! we'll organize something soon.

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