• I'd really like to see a lobby system so it's easier to join with friends, but I think that should be pretty low on their list of priorities.

  • @"PFC Andersson" said:
    From what i gather its a problem with Unreal Engine itself, but the next UE update will focus on performance. Right now they need to improve the lobby systems so that we can get good pings.

    The current animation system also causes the frames to drop, so the more people there are on the server, the harder your CPU has to work, hence the frames going down, they are working on a new animation system at the moment that hopefully will fix this. And if we ever have a 29th server in Squad, we have to have a admin in there constantly, at the moment there are no anti cheat methods and i have seen wallhackers and someone using a hack that gives you unlimited ammo and no reload with the grenadier weapons. Saw a entire hill being carpet bombed once. |-S

  • enter image description here

    Uh... the torso... ITS COMING RIGHT AT ME!!!!
    kinda creepy

  • I there any chance there might be a company set up around this game?

  • Maybe in the future but, right now the game is not really close to what I think the 29th would be interested in. The game itself still needs lots of polish and work before its complete, Take the above screenshot for example.

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    They released a nice update this week, Russians now have their counterparts of the ACOG, the 1P78 Kashtan Optics. They also added the Russian RGD-5 grenade, and in the January update they showed the first screenshots of two future weapons that will be added, the KS-23 Russian Shotgun and the PPSH-41! Some maps also got some big changes added to them, they also implemented Easy Anti Cheat, a new kind of anti cheat similar to Punkbuster.

    January update:

    Patch 4.0 update:

  • That looks like good progress. Can't wait to start playing this game again down the line, right now I think it's still a bit too barebones for me but this update is a great step in the right direction.

  • Still getting -30fps hits almost everytime someone uses the ingame voice. Apparently that's an AMD + game engine problem which seems a pretty GD serious an issue to me. Blows my mind because I played it fine for a month before it started happening. Two steps forward and one boot firmly to the teeth.. :\

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    The long awaited vehicle update is coming soon! Teaser trailer:

    A sheet on what we can expect on every side:
    enter image description here

    New Weapons: PPSH-41, SKS, M110 SASS, G3 series, RPG HEAT Rocket, RKG-3 AT Grenade and DShK-M Heavy Machine Gun.

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    New US Army models:
    enter image description here

    And allot more nice features have been added that fixes some annoyances from Project Reality:

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    Holy **** Sgt, it's finally happening.
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  • A small studio that was a modding team has started making a WW2 mod for Squad, and it already looks very promising:


    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    weapon assets:

  • Moist.
    I know it's not easy to make but I hope it wont be another mod/game not even reaching Beta status. For exemple, when RO2 came out, there was the project Festung Europa, a DH2. It has been since 2011 and today it's only a pre-alpha game. Or the ww2 mod for Arma3. It's playable but quite broken.

  • Just going to throw this out there from an outside-looking-in perspective (been to stubborn to pay my own money for the game.) It seems like the game shows a Russian-bias, kinda like in War Thunder. Am I correct in this thinking or am I wrong? Also, is the game actually worth picking up, whats good about it?

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    Russian bias? Don't know how you got that idea, maybe because they got Russian based militia, they got Russian, Americans, Insurgents (likely based on the ones from Afghanistan/Iraq), and Militia, they also will be adding the British in the future! But mostly, i find the game more biased towards Americans. (The reason why in War Thunder the game is more biased towards the Russians is because the developer is Russian!, Squad's developer is American mostly.)

    The game at the moment is very buggy and unoptimized, unless you got a powerhouse of a PC without a AMD CPU you can probably play at 40/50 fps. The game is just like Project Reality, the BF2 mod that because a full game last year and is free to download, try that one first to get a taste on Squad.

  • They just had a nice september update and showed a dev blog from the WW2 mod for Squad, Post Scriptum, look really good!:

  • Omg... Post Scriptum looks just omg <3

  • I have this game for quite a time in my library, still not installed...
    Who can drag me into it and actually play this game with me? On a regular basis :p

  • @"T3 Vandewalle" said:
    I have this game for quite a time in my library, still not installed...
    Who can drag me into it and actually play this game with me? On a regular basis :p

    Ive seen Pvt. Howl and Sgt. Robles play a lot.

  • I haven't played all that much as of late but, I am always looking for people to squad up with. The game is 10 times better in a good squad so any 29thers looking to play just shoot me a steam message.

  • I'm also up for squad if we can get 6 or more people. I'm sick of playing with small groups or alone. Even better would be if we could get enough people to have two squads, since one squad is not enough to win the round on it's own.

  • I'm barely a conscript when it comes to this game, but I would join for sure!:)

  • I have the game too, but I haven't played in a while. If anyone wants to squad up, just shoot me a message.

  • Looking great!

  • Yesterday the big performance update was released, i have not checked it out yet but people who like me who stopped playing because of the bad performance should check it out again!

  • I've heard unbelievable stories of people getting 2x performance, people playing on old graphics card having it run better than when they tried on newer ones before the patch etc. Haven't tried it myself yet but i'm excited!

  • I can comfirm, that it performs a lot better! I'm not getting twice the FPS, but I still get 60-90 FPS. I approve of this update.

  • Attention to those who do not yet own Squad.
    Game will be 50% off over the weekend Nov. 11th-14th. Also, it will be free to play over the weekend to see if its something you like. I recommend trying it out.


  • That means alloooot of new people who dont know what the hell they are doing, i experienced the same thing yesterday on RO2.

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