Call Of Duty: World At War

Anyone else got it? Myself and PFC Monty got down on some zombies tonight was a lot of fun. Could use another 2 teammates to make it even farther. Add me on steam lets kill some Zombies :)


  • Anyone Interested CoD:WaW is only $10 on steam currently.

  • I have this game , i love it :)

  • Do you play custom zombie maps? I used to play way before I joined the 29th. I might be willing to re-install it in the summer when I have more time to play! I'd be down for a few games though!!

  • If some people are still interested into playing this game, just ask, i'm up for it, been searching for teammates to play this game since forever ahah!

  • add me on steam, ask me, I'm almost always down for a game. I however don't have any custom maps, and if you would like to teach me how I could play them, I'd be down.

  • Me and my clone/cousin have it if y'all are still interested in playing sometime.

  • yes i want to play , but i dont have the steam version i have the CD one xd

  • anyone to play this game ? even coop zombies or something ?

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