DH - Can't join because I cant download files fast enough

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i live in montana and the fastest i can get is 6/1 megaBIT a second.

so i go to join the test version server ya guys have, and it starts downloading files....and it goes slow.
so slow that sometimes the map is over before i can finish the download....it sucks.

i was able to play previously because i played regularly from the release of darkest hour. so it was only 1 or 2 files at a time.

ive also tired to move all the files from the "darkest hour" folder in my RO1 root folder, to the correct places in the "darkest hour dev" folder, but, it didnt seem to work, probably because everything got updated by you guys. so i would need to download the new file anyway, it seemed.....

anyway.... what im asking for is for you guys to zip/rar up all the extra files your server uses that players would need, and post a link to a download location.

i think it would help others who are making the movement from standard, to dev versions, and then to final release, and i know it would help my butt out a lot!



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    Hi and thanks for posting!

    I assume you're talking about DH 6.0, correct (because the 29th has servers in three different games)? Server named "29th Infantry Division [Test Server]" is not running 6.0. That's why the download is slow because you are trying to enter 5.1 server through 6.0 launch. Also you should not try to join password locked servers, unless instructed otherwise (for example during public events).

    If you have followed instructions on installing 6.0 properly (study the instructions here in case you haven't), you should only connect to the only server that is running 6.0 currently, named "Official Darkest Hour 6.0 Public Test"

    When you are in main menu for 6.0, you should just click "Join Public Test Server" and it will lead you to the right place :) Be sure to join Steam Group for 6.0 testing to catch up with the scheduled testing events, announcements etc. from the devs: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/darkesthourtestteam

    enter image description here

    If I misunderstood you completely, let me know and we'll move on from there :D

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    oh heck. ya, i installed 6.0 correctly.... i study computer science in college,i know what im doing with computers....

    but i just assumed that only servers running 6.0 would populate the list....i guess that just makes too much sense for this old game engine lol!

    well its good to know this and good to know all i have to do is boot the old version.

    thanks again.

    PS. seriously? your telling me i joined a password protected server.... really. got proof? i know you dont because ive only joined the damned public server....

    ive been around a while.... applied to join way back when you guys just started out but was only 17 IIRC.... and when i was old enough i was in college and had 0 time. i know how things work with the 29th.

    no shooting in spawn also, right?

    im, not sure if you were just letting me know because your getting asked this a lot (took a look around before posting, didnt see anything) and just kinda did it so many times your on a script..... or your accusing me. i tend to be "jumpy". sorry

    oh crap, missed the words under the picture. ya, sorry.
    like i said, i just figured only 6.0 servers would populate... and things that were 12800K were taking years to DL, and i figured "hey, this is a bit long for 12 megs" but how do you know if 12800K means bits or bytes or megs even! but ya, i knew something was wrong somewhere.

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    Glad it was sorted out, I'm here just to help, not accuse you of anything :)

    You said you joined; "so i go to join the test version server ya guys have" and we indeed have a private server called 29th Infantry Division [Test Server] which has a password on it. But apparently it was just a misunderstanding as we just learned so all good :)

    Take care and enjoy the new 6.0!

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    Same problem here. Using DH 5.1, attempting to join the public server of yours. Map .rom files download just fine using 100% of my bandwith, yet the game struggles downloading files like DH_WeaponSounds which is only 13mb in size. Download speed of this exact file gets stuck at 10 kb/s therefore I'm not able to enter the game because the server loads another map before my downloading gets completed.

    I would really like to download all the custom server files at once using web browser so that the necessity of waiting would be gone.

  • Mr J try verifying your steam integrity.

  • Thanks a lot, it fixed my problem.

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