ARMA 3 Battalion Server - QUESTION and CHANGE have to be DONE

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First of all . I luv your server and game mod ! but I will like to have a place on your server or forum with all the rules and thing that we can control .. is there a Zeus module on this if Yes .. why we can control it to remake fresh mission like a server restart !!

Have question/interogation about the ARMA 3 SERVER ?

We need EARPLUG add .. as this game sound for vehicul is to loud we have big problem to command team on teamspeak when in a Chopper or Tank even ATV sound is so loud !! EARPLUG should be on all server !!

Is there Admin playing on this serve ... I saw no one !!

Does your server RESTART ... because I Play for 4 hours and no restart ! We need restart like every 2-3 hours to respawn map for ennemy (I play yesterday and barely all the map was Clear .. that make the game boring as their nothing to do because there no more ai)

Is there a way to spawn vehicul because (stupid player get in all vehicul and the put it somewhere on the map .. !! so ( No more Plane - Heli - And Tank) unless someone blow it (after walking 10 km)

We should have a Voting system for Night and Daytime ...because for now look like a 24hour server so if you play by night (reallife) like me and my friends does we are stuck to play in Night ... that another boring thing .. Voting is simple and resolved this, like this we can choose with player on the server to turn to night or day went we want !

and other thing you should have info about the game mod on your server !!

Hope to have a reply from admin real soon .. as you look like a active group

All the change I ask are Easy to do and that gonna make the Arma3 server Very Enjoyable ... as I saw many people commin and quitting because of Static Nighttime ..(all player I saw try the /vote day... and quit after seeing that it not implemented !!
Thx For ALL


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    Hi Symptome. Thanks for taking the time to comment and welcome to the community!

    Let me address your items one by one.

    1. Earplug Script

      • I hear what your saying here. I have had this request from many people in the last few weeks. It seems that the earplug script is very popular on EPOCH and Wasteland servers. I plan to implement a similar script in the future I am just currently working out a few bugs.
    2. There are several members who have admin privileges. They do play but may not have hold the same schedule you do. I encourage you to add me on Steam so you can message me if there are any issues.

    3. I recognize this as a problem as well. Because of the Battalion server setup (managed VDS rental) we are currently only able to have the server restart once every 24 hours. We are investigating ways to increase the restart interval.

    4. Regarding vehicles being deserted. I can add a deserted distance trigger to the vehicles and have them respawn if the vehicle is left empty and the player moves the set distance away from it. I'm thinking 3 km (3000 m). This would not be applied to the Mobile Respawn Vehicle (MRV).

    5. I am not a big fan of the Day/Night voting scripts because they can be abused. It is something I am looking at but will not be available anytime soon. What I could do is set an increased time cycle to speed up the in-game day/night cycle.

    6. Game mode info

      • The game mode is pretty straight forward. Clear all the red squares of enemy. The squares are light red until you get within a certain distance then the enemy spawns. You eliminate all the enemy and be inside the square and it will turn green. Turn all the squares green and the mission will restart. I will take a look at adding this info to the briefing section.

    Again, thank you for the feedback and I am glad you are enjoying our server.

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    Thank for taking time to reply! That what I call Awesome Admin
    realy appreciated !!

    You have answer all that I ask and even more, Thank man
    Gonna jump in as soon as my day of work finish !

    for the Daytime/Nighttime I not a big fan too of the voting system. As u said I think incressing time could be a nice update ..for (Nighttime Player GMT-5) like me ... Like to play night in arma3 but Stratis lack of Full moon and after 2-3 hours of gameplay Im filling a bit ORCISH GREEN NVG :P

    I don't know what is possible or not but If we can have like 48 or 72 hour (2-3 days) in one 24 hours ... *having 3 day / 3 night circle by 24 realtime hour could be cool
    Like that we (I) can see sun a little bit .. even have sunburn :P!

    Thx for all ! Nice Community !! nice Admin response !! Nice Server
    Really happy to find this Awesome server

    I will put you in my steam friend list (in case or something happen on the Arma 3 server)
    just let me know your Steam name and you will receive a invite from me!

    Thx for all

  • Just a quick update on the items being worked on...

    • The server now restarts every three hours.
  • Insurgency Mission was updated this evening.

    • Added Ear Plug script

      • Activated by pressing the INSERT key
    • Added a deserted distance parameter to the vehicles

      • If there are no players within 3000 m (3 Km) of the vehicle then it is deleted and re-spawned
    • Tweaked the AI spawn script to spawn less helicopters and less armour
    • Added a default x10 time acceleration for a simulated day/night cycle

      • 1 minute real time = 10s minute game time
    • Changed the Virtual Arsenal addAction to not appear if the vehicle is moving or flying
    • Updated the task description to include a more detailed, well... description
  • NICE ADD !!
    Working great !

    1 little thing as we have 3 hours restart is it possible to know like 10 min - 5 min - 2 min - 1 min before the server restart (can be set with battleeye)

    Is not a game changer but save some time when you all gear up and ..the serve restart in a min !

    Thx for all


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