Arma 3

I'm a new recruit and have been trying to play Arma 3 on the 29th server but it's always empty!
Does anyone play Arma 3 ? The only server I've found with any activity is Darkest Hour!
I'm about to start BCT for the 29th and want to join an active unit! I'm hoping this is the place!


  • We are absolutely an active unit but it doesn't show that much in the battalion servers other than DH. for instance our Euro server on Rising Storm is almost always full, as well as the battalion server for DH. but it's hard for the A3 battalion server to get a lot of pubbers due to the mass amounts of servers, there's thousands of em and it's hard to compete. but in drills it is very fun and active.

  • Charlie Company drills in ARMA 3 at least 3 times a week on two of our private servers and frequently run competitive matches! For example this coming weekend we're taking part in 2 competitive matches versus international teams. We are certainly active!

  • Thanks guys! Looking forward to joining you in game soon!

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