Greetings from FJR 2

Members of the 29th,

Greetings! We are an upcoming unit portraying the German Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 2. You may have noticed our players with the [I./FJR 2] tags playing in your server. Our goal is to accurately portray those who served in the real FJR 2 and enhance our DH experience through teamwork and the employment of historically accurate tactics. Our hope is that we may work together other units in the community to achieve an entertaining and enjoyable Darkest Hour '44 experience. Our forums are still under construction but will be online on 14 OCT 15. Please refrain from registering until we have completed the setup. During the meanwhile I will be available through Steam. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

The link:

We earnestly look forward to future correspondence and a future together in Darkest Hour!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very respectfully,

Oberjäger Levi Ackerman
Gruppenführer Nr. 1 Gruppe "Ackerman"

Nr. 1 Kp/Fsch.Jäg.Btl.1
I./Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"


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    Hey there Ackerman, thanks for introducing yourself and your unit here.

    Feel free to add me on steam I am:
    Cpt Patty [29ID]

    I look forward to speaking with you in the future!

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