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    Shoplifting from American Apparel (Tao Lin)
    Down and Out in Paris and London (Orwell)
    The Master and Margarita (Bulgakov)
    Karoo (Steve Tesich)
    Pale Fire (Nabokov)

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    Blood Red Snow by Günter K. Koschorrek I recommend this one to anyone.
    One of my all time war memoirs, Blood Red Snow by Günter K. Koschorrek. This man went through literal hell and back during his time of service, he served as an average German Soldier serving in the Wehrmacht. Having fought in the outskirts of Stalingrad as a vanguard, fighting two-three times in Russia, to Italy then to Romania. Every single chapter got me hooked in the amount of detail he provided in this war memoir. I really recommend this memoir to anyone who'd like to read about the average German through the eyes of a former Machine gunner on the front lines, and in my humble opinion, this one takes the cake for me than "The Unknown Soldier" by Guy Sajer.

    Books that I'm reading currently:
    Revenger by Alastair Reynolds (We be floatin' in space and shit!)
    Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Complete Novels and Stories.vo1 Bantam Classic (Elementary, My dear Watson!)
    Game of Thrones [Illustrated Edition] by George R.R Martin (Everyone dies)

  • recommendation: "The sea devil" by sam jefferson
    This book is about count felix von luckner on of the many colorful characters of ww1 and the sms seeadler as the last raider under sail.

    This is of the smoothest books I have ever read (story wise that is) and a very interesting on at that.
    And above all its a real story to not give away any spoilers it does help that sam jefferson (the writer) dus not only use von luckner's accounts but other sources as well to make it as historically accurate as is possible.

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