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    23:55 - Kear: I need to grab you after BCT  
    23:55 - A Rare Gillam: For?  
    23:55 - Kear: SLT  
    23:55 - Kear: It won't be terribly long  
    23:56 - Kear: So let me know when it's over so I can grab you for 5-10mins  
    23:56 - A Rare Gillam: How long do you think you'll need me after BCT  
    23:56 - Kear: Not long at all  
    23:56 - Kear: It's not a seminar, lecture or treatise on the works of Clausewitz  
    23:56 - A Rare Gillam: Ok  
    23:56 - A Rare Gillam: I've got lady friend over  
    23:56 - Kear: ahhh   
    23:56 - Kear: is she watching bCT  
    23:56 - A Rare Gillam: Sadly  
    23:56 - Kear: In that case disregard  
    23:56 - Kear: It can wait  
    23:56 - Kear: you have more important duties lad  
    23:56 - Kear: I'll talk to you tomorrow  
    23:57 - Kear: "Gillam w-why're you shouting at that man on the screen? Is he a bad guy? Are you winning? Why is calling you PFC?"  
    23:57 - A Rare Gillam: Basically how that conversation is going to go  

    Absolute dedication to the Lighthouse Corps if I have ever seen it.

  • When your warrant starts to laugh and says "watch this" LEAVE.

  • During a Platoon Drill on Hill 400, a Mortarman walked past our squad.

    PFC Tyson: look at this NERD with his mortar

    whole of BP2S2 laughs

  • PFC Neve - ''I like sausages''
    -''Last time I had sausages was two weeks ago so I'm doing pretty good''

  • 2Lt. Derbyshire [29th ID]: no xxxxxx
    2Lt. Derbyshire [29th ID]: This is what happens when youre messages the girlfreind at the same time ;)
    Cpl. Lazy: XD
    Cpl. Lazy: I'm guilty of doing that
    Cpl. Lazy: It's a habit
    2Lt. Derbyshire [29th ID]: I know, SSgt. Nielsen gets kisses all the time
    2Lt. Derbyshire [29th ID]: Which sounds quiet wierd put that way :P

  • Nieminen: Yo plummers give me your pps i'll give you mosin
    Plumbley: No i like my pps
    Nieminen: take my mosin, is good price, low price
    Plumbley: fine
    Squad: We don't need pps we got AT rifles (This pic is actually the squad during this drill)

  • Plumbley: I'm feeling pretty spiffing and also bonkers and i want to combine them into 1 word
    Streamhill: SPONKERS
    Plumbley: love it

  • "Don't be a b*tch, be a boat." -T/5 Minor

  • Nieminen: What do you look like heeskens
    Heeskens: hold on i can try send a picture
    a few seconds pass
    Heeskens: file//FUsers/Stef/Pictures/swaggerwalk.mp4
    whole squad laughs

  • Tsimaras: yo papa
    Me: What's popping my dude
    Tsimaras: wanna see me try a really difficult song?
    Me: Yes
    Me watching him play, and then he miss everything
    Tsimaras: my cable got f***** up, no input.
    Tsimaras: Let's try again.
    He plays it perfectly

  • Dongen: damn snipers
    Plum: did you just assume his AIT?
    stream: im transheavy

  • <21:13:20> "Oblak": good night boys see you tomorrow at platoon drills
    <21:13:38> "Nieminen": good night boys see you tomorrow at platoon drills
    <21:13:48> "Ixer": good night boys see you tomorrow at platoon drills

  • Sgt. Peroni: you look like a sandbag
    someone: ouch im hurt

  • Pvt. Ixer [29ID]: actually yeah burgers in mcdonalds are like 99p each so you can get them for lunch
    PFC Plumbley [29ID]: oh nice
    PFC Plumbley [29ID]: Well I'll just get 2 of those then cos I'm not here for long
    PFC Plumbley [29ID]: And I don't want a heart attack
    Pvt. Ixer [29ID]: doesn't want a heart attack
    Pvt. Ixer [29ID]: >goes to mcdonalds for lunch
    PFC Plumbley [29ID]: Hahaha

  • PFC Alan: I think we are on the wrong server, this is not Demyansk

  • BP1S2 combined with BP1S3 drill
    MG firing
    Cpl. Judge: where is that, I want a grid
    Cpl. Morten: getting shot at by MG OHHH **** gets killed
    Cpl. Judge: That's not a grid.

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    PFC Plumbley: does this sound like a brownie? (drops brownie on table, makes loud noise over teamspeak)

    Pvt. Heeskens: my sister makes fresh brownies... she did that today actually

    PFC Plumbley: what, your sister fell on a table?

  • T/5 Kouters after being killed by Sgt. Novak: I will break your dreams
    Sgt. Novak: I have no dreams i live in Russia :(

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    PFC Andersson: What is your role in the squad?

    Pvt. Nieminen: Submachine gunner and living meme

    PFC Andersson: Pvt. Oblak what do you want to see in the squad?

    Pvt. Oblak: More dank memes

  • BCT SR
    T/5 Orhan: Its german.
    Rct 1: BAR ?
    T/5 Orhan: close
    T/5 Orhan: it starts with a "F" and with a "R"
    Rct 2: MP40 ?
    Rct 1: 30 cal ?
    T/5 Orhan: "it's a gun that flies"

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    Me: How are you guys?
    PFC Alan: Just watching youtube videos
    Pvt. Stach: Just trying to stay alive

  • 22:47 - PFC Plumbley [29ID]: HELLO PRIVATE
    22:47 - PFC Plumbley [29ID]: oh sorry caps
    22:47 - Pvt. Clermontel [29ID]: Hello PFC
    22:48 - PFC Plumbley [29ID]: lmao i have about as much control over my keyboard as i do over my life

  • @"PFC Plumbley" -1 for quoting yourself!

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    @"Cpl. Lacey" can we pretend I was quoting Pvt. Clermontel pls

  • A average night in Dayz
    PFC Neaux: i'm starving
    PFC Jensson: just find some food
    PFC Neaux: There is no food !
    PFC de Crom: Find a chicken
    PFC Neaux: There are no chicken !!
    PFC de Crom: I have chicken
    20 min later(and some conversations)
    PFC Neaux: im gona kill my self

  • Quick backstory, we were playing Gran on Baker company drills but the map crashed so we did Hopsons horror house (Halloween map) and did some building clearing there. The drill is about to end and there are some PTS

    Cpl. Lacey: PTS
    Cpt. Patty: go ahead Lacey
    Cpl Lacey: Unexplainable super loud static noise
    Cpt. Patty: The spooks got to him

  • 17:07 - Tuna Robber (Gorski): no you answered my concerns you're good dont worry  
    17:08 - Kear: Thank you for telling me I'm good  
    17:08 - Kear: I was unaware  
    17:08 - Tuna Robber (Gorski): lol  
  • @"Cpl. Kear" said:

    17:07 - Tuna Robber (Gorski): no you answered my concerns you're good dont worry  
    17:08 - Kear: Thank you for telling me I'm good  
    17:08 - Kear: I was unaware  
    17:08 - Tuna Robber (Gorski): lol  

    Thank God you quoted yourself. Otherwise we would have missed out on this clearly hilarious moment.

  • pubber: i'm gonna pop som japs, only got twenty bullets in my pocket.

  • 20:04 - Pvt. Nieminen [29ID]: dude go away im trying to hear the grass
    20:04 - PFC Plumbley [29ID]: what does it sound like
    20:04 - Pvt. Nieminen [29ID]: grass

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