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  • Some great contributions by WO1 Kear playing combat patrol:

    "O, bad nade" a few seconds later "BADDER NADE!"


    (shooting at an enemy vehicle 20m away, the missile soars right over, like something our of Mulan)

    "To be fair, I was never trained with this"

    (reloads a missile and then annihilates himself and 3 others standing right next to him)

  • "I can deal with a few Sausages" -PFC Donofrio

  • <23:12:07> PFC Cassano: Talk quieter please, my ears are not used to authority

  • Random thoughts turn out like this in convo's in charlie:

    Me: "I recently noticed that like on my chin, my beard is brown/dark hair and my mustache and such are all blond hairs xDDD So f-ed up

    PFC Donofrio: "LOL"

  • 23:28 - default cheese sauce: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ooer/
    23:29 - PFC Broom [29ID]: this is the single worst thing I've seen in my miserable existance
    23:29 - default cheese sauce: https://www.reddit.com/r/ooerintensifies/
    23:30 - PFC Broom [29ID]: I was mistaken

  • After ZeuSaturday tonight after a Humvee had unexpectedly flipped, we got a creative math lesson.

    PFC Baron - "I don't know what happened. There was a lag spike and then the car just flipped 360 degrees twice to upside down."

  • "Nothing stops me!" -PFC Garcia right before getting killed.

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    Cpt. Fritz: So how much have you spent on War Thunder Wimpf?
    Sgt. Whimpf in TS chat:: my wife's in the other room
    Sgt. Whimpf in TS chat:: but prob 300

  • A normal AP1s2 squad drill DL PFC Knezevic
    PFC Knezevic: PTU Light
    PFC Knezevic: Granted

  • "T/5 Kelso is our new ASL, so be as afraid of him as you are afraid of me... Quietly Well maybe not as much as me... " - Cpl. Dethfield, 31/07/2017 CE

  • "You know how in Star Trek Klingons kill their leader when they get too weak? That's how we do it in AP3. One day my ASL will fight me to death in hand-to-hand combat." - Sgt. Dethfield

  • Someone: So why were you in hospital for your mouth?
    PFC Le: Well I was out one night and got too drunk and ended up falling into a car
    T/4 Lamb: Did you get any superpowers from it?
    PFC Le: yeah i can morph into a car bonnet now

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    "Cassano stop quoting me on that thread!" - Sgt. Dethfield

  • PFC Le: "When i eat pizza i take the toppings off and eat that, and throw away the dough"

  • @"PFC Plumbley" said:
    PFC Le: "When i eat pizza i take the toppings off and eat that, and throw away the dough"

    crimes against humanity

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    You must see this @"Sgt.Peroni"

    @"PFC Plumbley" said:
    PFC Le: "When i eat pizza i take the toppings off and eat that, and throw away the dough"

  • Euro Server
    Pubber: what do ya call a russian sniper ?
    Me: no ?
    Pubber: Marxman

  • @"PFC de Crom" said:
    Euro Server
    Pubber: what do ya call a russian sniper ?
    Me: no ?
    Pubber: Marxman

    thats quite good xD

  • 03:44 - Kear: https://youtu.be/jFWf9s7Oi9M?t=23
    03:45 - Berg: enlistment paper activated

  • Rec.Jaritz:i am ready and already training the cords and extend my rifle training on the tank gunnery range mod map

    Me: you are taking this too serious Hahaha :)

    Rec.Jaritz : I am German

    Me : That was scary xD

  • PFC Cassano [29ID]: It's suicide, Sarge

    Sgt. Deth [29ID]: it is suicide to refuse my orders

    PFC Cassano [29ID]: Touchee.

  • During bonus rounds on Company drills.
    Tried using multiple lives.
    Allies had like 5 members.
    Axis had 12-15.
    Sometime half in the round.

    PFC Svenson: Wait how is he(Cpt. Fritz) respawning so much?
    PFC Svenson: Oh yeah right he's using other's life, he's a vampire.

    The Captain being on Allies, and the PFC on Axis.

  • On a squad drill:
    PFC Lundén teamkilled me in an objective.

    Moments later axis attack

    PFC Lundén "I need help"
    PFC Svenson "You shot the help"

  • PFC Millin: What is dead may never die, Cpt. Fritz is Euron Greyjoy!

    Cpt. Fritz: Euron is weak.

    PFC Millin: Euron is a sex magnet magician, so basically you Sir.

  • Cpt. Fritz, king of the andals and the first men : PFC Millin, I need you to put yourself back together. In the face of such moments, that rattle us to our core, we cannot be allowed to break. We have to keep fighting. Like Robb at the Wispering Wood, Arya at the Red Wedding, Stannis at the Blackwater or Jon in the fields before Winterfell. People are looking up to you like how the slaves of slavers bay called out to Danny "Mhysa! Mhysa! Mhysa!" Regardless of what happens in the months to come Millin, I need you to stand strong, not like Robert Strong, but like those already mentioned and to keep on mate, if not for yourself, but for your people! your mates!

    God bless our capn'

  • god bless

  • AP4 drill last round, I go to a window in same house as sniper, T/5 Holmes, only to have my head off right on moment I get there.

    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: sorry about that shot, it was meant for Holmes
    PFC Cassano [29ID]: I didn't even get a chance to supress you :(
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: i know... like i said
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: you weren't my intended target ;)
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: just blames holmes lol
    PFC Cassano [29ID]: Funny you're saying sorry for killing enemy lol
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: i mean
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: technically
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: Holmes TK'd you
    Cpt. Fritz [29ID]: through me

  • PFC Tsimarakis:Do you want to know the fact of the day
    The lads:Sure
    PFC Tsimarakis:Even after more than a 100 years after the titanic sank
    drametic silence
    PFC Tsimarakis: The pool is still full of water

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    I was recently Reminded of my all-time favorite Arma 3 review, which I stumbled upon on it's store page from our own T/3 Hart:

    "Man, doe be like comin out of the trees and♥♥♥♥♥♥ and you be all like "Oh mayne, who hims that? You that" and your team all like "nah, it ain't me, but it do" and you like "Yah, it do" and then you both shoot him and♥♥♥♥♥♥ people droppin all around, man with helichopter come in all shootin missiles and♥♥♥♥♥♥ blowing up children and you like "Yah, but there is the cav" and everyone else dying, but you not. Nah, you not."

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