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    PFC Luca: hey i just met you and this is crazy i have alzheimers, hey i just met you

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    AP1s2 drill
    PFC vandall: Luca what is your AIT
    PFC Luca: ..... i dont know

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    PFC Vandall: What do a battle rifle and a microwave in common ?
    PFC Vandall: they both go ping when they are done

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    Cpl. Svenson in platoon drills.
    Whoop whoop whoop whoop.
    Echo is clear!
    2 seconds later

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    Cpl. Dongen, bored when dead at Company Drill:
    22:38 - Cpl. Dongen [29ID]: HON + HON = HONHON

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    Get's down tiered in War Thunder

    PFC Baron: "Thank the lord!"

    PFC Doe: "God's Busy but I'm here"

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    22.56 - Cpl. Svenson [29ID]: "No aggression left in these ones"
    22.57 - Cpl. Svenson [29ID]: "Like a team of De Croms"

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    "Iraq is the new Australia" - Robles - 21st September 2017

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    "I'm too scared to walk slowly, so I am going to use the engine trick"

    PFC Tsimarakis

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    PFC Ixer [29ID]: real men play fifa, not PES
    T4 Sterk [29ID]: Who says I am a real man Ixer?

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    edited September 28

    Cpt. Fritz comment my comment on a Ro2 related picture at steam


    Ya old bastard.

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    PFC Heeskens: drop out afther live

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    "good job mate keep it up" - 22 people on Ryasonens AQB

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    While discussing leadership in the 29th

    CW2 Lagenbrunner: 29th has multiple layers of leadership. You saw just how much there was when you were at the squad level, there are multiple other layers with all new things to experience.

    T/5 Willis: The 29th is like an onion with all its layers.

    CW2 Lagenbrunner: Basically, each layer you get to brings you more tears.

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    edited November 3

    CW2 Lagenbrunner: REDACTED

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    "Don't be a hero lads, ****." - 2Lt. Kear

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