Just Quotes



  • PFC Bruneau: Warrant Officer, we cant post the AAR

    WO1 Wimpfheimer: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm sorry?

  • PFC Cassano: in what year did ww2 end PTS
    Sgt. Svenson: PTS
    PFC de Crom: PTS
    Cpl Knez: PTS
    A few more mebers of AP1: PTS
    PFC Cassano: Sgt. Greanted
    Sgt. Svenson: "1944"

  • Sgt. Svenson [29ID]: Wanna come along for Scrim Day?
    PFC Stach [29ID]: sure thing
    Sgt. Svenson [29ID]: Sweet
    PFC Stach [29ID]: What is password again?
    Sgt. Svenson [29ID]: hehe

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