Recruitment Story Thread

How you got dragged into the ranks of the 29th Infantry Division? Were you personally recruited by someone or did you just stumble upon our site? Share your story! Or do you have a funny recruiting story for recruiting someone to the unit? Floor is yours!

I'll start with mine, while I wasn't officially recruited by anyone. It was 2006 when I first encountered the 29th. Back then me and few online friends from the time were playing regularly in one public server and one day we started a clan over that public server. If I recall right, we were first 6th Rangers and after some while 1st Rangers ;D We had "ranks" and nicknames. Nothing compared to the 29th. One day me and my clan friends happened to join in the 29th's server. A pubscrim was about to start in dod_sturm. Hah, I think there was even password in the server and I tried to solve it, which we quickly figured out. I was about to run out of the spawn and assault the cap as in regular gameplay but then I was told to get in line and everything was explained. Experience was great which lead me to get in touch with "Cpt. Wilson" (now our Lt. Col.) and ask pointers for running a "realism unit". We even rent one of the 29th's servers to use for our private drills. At one point I decided to join the ranks of the 29th ID, which has lead me to either hang around here or be in active duty ever since.


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    It was back in 09 i brought RO1 but noticed there was a mod that looked interesting. I downloaded the mod jumped into the game and joined the popular server. Unbeknown to me there was a pubscrim going in and as soon as i entered i was told what to do and loved it. A Sgt. Chan then added me on steam and talked to me about the 29th. Me being me just agreed straight away and i was put into the 283tp and have been here on and off since.

  • It was september the 9th, 2014 PFC Botting a friend of mine asked me if i were interested in joining a realism unit. I were enlisted ten minutes after :)

  • Back in 09 I was pubbing frequently on the server and I used to team up with some 29th guys which resulted in that I added one of the guys whom helped me with the enlistment. I don't regret it at all.

  • I had known about the 29th for years. 1Lt. Patterson (Back then a Pvt. I suppose) and PFC Pike (Joined a little afterwards) wouldn't shut up about it :P It was they, My real life friends, who persuaded me to give BCT a shot. By this point I was pretty familiar with many of the people in DH at the time so it was good enough motivation to get me to join. I sailed through BCT, landed myself in a squad, and never looked back! :D

  • Ah, 2007 dad buys me half life collection, step bro tells me about dod, first server i stumble into happens to be the 29th server, play there for a week, and Cpl. Hampson kept talking to me every day trying to get me to join. finally played a realism scrim, thought it was the coolest thing ever and joined. was in for a few years fell off, didnt have a computer and finally bought one, and im back!

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    Back in 2006, T5 Tuomainen (maybe a PFC back then?) joined the Day of Defeat server while I was pubbing. Without me even saying anything, he called out my name and told me to go the website and follow the instructions to sign up. For some reason, I listened to him :P 153 TP FTW (Maj. Wheatley knows what I'm talking about)

  • I got jumped a few times on the 29th servers after playing around as a casual pubber and just screaming down the microphone to get other people moving. I was asked a few times to join by a couple of 29th'ers and each of those times I think I refused, until eventually I gave in and thought I'd give it a go. Unfortunately I was torn between saying it was Cpl. Vlad and PFC Rousse when I signed up and on the day I did go and got told to line up, I couldn't wait to come to the next BCT drill after it had finished.

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    THIS IS MY RECRUITMENT STORY I remember back in Vietnam, we only had 2 people to talk too, to listen to, to connect to. Those people were the man to your right, and the man to your left. To my left was some grunt named PFC Asboe. To my right, stood our sergeant.... sergeant Clyde. Our platoon leader, had us in formation, slowly and surely moving through the bloody terrain, it was more wet than my ex girlfriend. I look over to Clyde and say "Hey Clyde, when do you think we'll be heading home?" He replied "Hopefully soon, I hate this damn place." I look back forward. We walked maybe another click before we had to stop and change out our socks. As usual, I had Clyde to my right, and Asboe to my left. Asboe is the first done changing his socks, when he stands up I hear the sound of a Springfield round piercing the air. Panicked, I look over to see Pvt. Asboe down with a round through his chest. He's just sitting there, looking at me saying "why couldn't we just go home" over, and over to me as I watch his life fade away. In a fit of rage I pull out my trusty 1911 and send a round through the Vietnamese soldiers skull. I look over to Clyde, having a shocked look on his face when he pulls of Asboe's dogtags, I pull him up and say "We have to continue, it's what he would've wanted." Clyde musters himself up and we continue marching in formation. The next day, were marching through a swamp looking area when we come across an enemy platoon. We attack. Bullets flying left and right, I look over at Clyde, who had an enraged look on his face when he was shooting them down. On the last 3 men I run out of ammo, I put on my Bayonet and charge right for the closest man to me. I stab him, and watch as his body falls. Out of nowhere 10 more come out of the trees and swarm us, we were told to retreat, so I ran. Whist running the man I stabbed had pulled out a pistol and fired one last round before he met his maker. That stray bullet hit me right in the thigh. I collapse. Clyde looks back and fireman carries me away with the rest of the retreating platoon. We all make it, thankfully. I am taken to the closest friendly hospital and get prepped for surgery, on the way in to the E.R, Clyde says this to me "When you make it out of here, I want you to do something for me." He hands me a card "Join the 29th Infantry Division, I hope to see you there friend." Those were the last words I heard from Clyde. When I got back home, I did as he asked. After all. I owed him one for saving my ass. Here I am today, able bodied and in the 29th. Best decision I have ever made with my life.

  • That was inspirational man

  • Back in October of 2011 I was playing on the DH server. It was one of the few games my old laptop could play at the time. I found the server to be a respectful place and there were a few weeks where I looked forward to playing on the weekends and wishing people played during the week. One week I was asking about the 29th and someone added me on Steam. Ultimately I didn't join since I was more concerned about my grades during my freshman year of University. 2 years later, I purchased a new computer and was playing RO2. I noticed one weekend that there was a 29th server doing custom maps on Sundays. Enjoyed it quite a bit and I think a week later I must have been talking in chat and a certain then PFC Tuomainen added me on Steam. Although hesitant about my schedule. I figured I'd give it a shot and signed up. It's been over a year since that day, my only regret is that I wish I joined sooner. :P

  • My story is short.
    One day me and morten were talking about what games we played and morten mentioned DH and he told me about the 29th so I looked at the game and tried it out and the next day I enlisted and here I am for almost a year and having fun

  • I remember my recruitment. It was on DH, on a winter map. (One of the 500 thousand) and a wee little PFC Savarese says in all-chat, 'Hey, anyone wanna join the 29th ID?' I answer the call...and here I am, a year and a half later...

  • My story is shorter:
    I saw the TS address in the 29th server

  • I was constantly being kicked to make space for members in the 29th Server, so I thought I should join and get easy access too. I knew nothing of realism gaming back then, I just loved pubbing and wanted to get into the server often.

    Turned out well :)

    Equally I wasn't allowed to use my real name when joining and so Lamb has become a totally new internet persona for me, which is always a nice bonus.

  • I was playing on the 29th euro server for about 2 weeks when i got into contact with T/5 toumainen (PFC back then) through ingame voice chat, after the game ended and we had talked alot about the game in general, i decided to add him on steam because i really enjoyed playing with you, the first thing he said to me was that he wanted to add me as well because he wanted to ask me to join the 29th. I asked him about the 29th and he explained everything to me, i decided to join with pleasure and become a member of the 29th ID. Know i am a proud member of the 29th thanks to him :)

  • I was in a call on skype with Cpl. Brand, he metioned the 29th to me a few times and i found it interesting, so i told him when i buy Arma 3 i'd enlist, a year later i am here been here for 2/3 months and i am proud of it. Thats my story.

  • Darkest Hour was always very intimidating to me. Every time I would hop on the server, I'd get my butt handed to me with zero situational awareness by an unseen enemy. Eventually I worked up the courage to become a regular on the Battalion server and make an effort to learn the game (it seemed really cool), and I got to the point where I would bark out commands to the players around me, having gained confidence from learning the game a bit more and integrating it into what I already knew from past experiences. Eventually I was recruited by then Sgt. Sung.

    "Hey Kinderparty, you are the type of player we are looking for, you should sign up I want you in my squad!"

    With that gentle stroke of my ego, he got me to enlist.

    Due to my scheduling, I ended up in AP1S3 "The Bulls" under the leadership of PFC Carter, and shortly after Cpl. Lamb for the rest of my time in that squad. It was so fun to be the only American among a plethora of Europeans, and being a student of history I felt right at home. We became a tightly knit group, and would bring devastation upon the battlefield. We later branched off to form Dog Company (RIP) when Able became too unwieldy, but that's a story for another time...

    Ever Forward!

  • I had just left another unit I was in, and I remembered there was a friend of the leader of said unit that played this thing called "Darkest Hour" on this unit, the 29th. I had spoken with him before as the leader had dragged him to the Teamspeak to speak with us. T/4 Kabeya ended up being the reason I joined the 29th because I needed a new home after having left my other one.

    March 8 my thought of joining the 29th became a reality, excited I patiently waited for them to respond.

    March 26th was the last day of my 5-day training program, and hereafter I have been a proud 29th member ever since! (4 months and 4 days to this date!)

  • Back in July, 2014 i made some statements on diffrent forums to see if there were any clans i could join and were active, of course T/5 Tuomainen hit me up on steam a day later and told me everything i should know, and i signed up.
    I passed BCT pretty good and got assigned to a squad, had some drills and alot of fun, though suddenly i just stopped and never thought of the 29th again.
    Then in December 2014, I asked T/5 Tuomainen if i could re-enlist, he basically said yes, and so i did, i got through the BCT, helped the new guys as much as i could, and passed, here i am, after 9 months and still going strong!

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    Back in March 2014 I found out about Darkest Hour after playing RO1(the tanks, what else?). Initially, I played offline with bots(oh, what a mistake that was). I was disappointed, so I stopped playing for a while. A month later I decided to launch Darkest Hour again. I didn't want to watch the bots crouch around walking and aiming in circles anymore, so I went to see if the multiplayer was still around, which it was(unlike Mare Nostrum). Joined the Battalion Server. It was Berlin(with my luck, what else would it be?). I endured and finally, we got Raids(I think. Could have been a different map.) Decided t- Wait, this is supposed to be how I got recruited, not how I got into DH.

    Long story short, it was Putot-en-Bessin on April 20th, 2014, and Cpl. Treble(Then PFC Treble) asked if anyone wanted to join the 29th(Almost word for word there.). Obviously, I was intrigued.(Incidentally, people were discussing how to join the 29th at the time. I believe one pubber(forget which one) said that you had to be 40 to join. I even asked Cpl Treble if that was true.) I responded, "Sure, why not?"(I think, don't have the best memory.) That's basically it. I was one of those who were caught by someone recruit-fishing.

    1 year, 4 months, 2 days later(graduated BCT in mid-May. Also, I was initially slated for the 534(which would mean I would be headed for BP1 or BP2 as it was a European TP), not the 535(US TP, so BP3). Transferred to the 535 after talking to Cpl Rousse.), I am a tanker in BP3S2 and am preparing for an official scrimmage. Who would've thunk it?

  • Haha my story is exactly the same as Sgt. Lamb's.

    Back in '09 admins were allowed to kick pubbers to make room for 29th members. One day, I got kicked from the server so I joined back right away and asked why I was kicked, and someone explained to me why.

    So I joined the cvlt without giving much thought. I was already kind of familiar with realism because I played on 29th servers back in DoD, so I was like whatever, might as well just join.

    Fast forward to 2015, here I am, still going strong!

  • PFC Part found me in the 29th servers at one of the rare moments I was in the top half of the leaderboard,I got lucky twice in a row and the next round I also got in the top half of the leaderboard. I was somewhere in level 20's and had no I idea what I was doing, but after some questions PFC part added me to his friendlist and answered all my questions. I knew that he wanted to recruit me, and I was pretty excited because I had never been in any clan or realism group. After that I did BCT, passed and now I'm here.

  • I bought red Orchestra 2 long ago but never played it much because I almost always played alone, then 7 months ago while I was in the 29th euro server, in that time PFC Peroni was playing there,and I asked how I could be part of the 29th, and well after he helped me, here I am

  • Was running around the 29th Server when suddenly some dude jumped right into my face, I tried fighting back and managed to wound him but he killed me.
    Got a massage "Try harder" i replyed "will do" over the rest of the round we boltactioned the ***** out of each other. Suddenly he switched to the Mp but i didnt complain and tried to fight different, using ambush tactics, in the end he added me.
    We played some games together before he asked me if i wanted to join a community who plays this game right.
    I accapted.
    The End
    The Beginning

  • I was complaining about the flamethrower on the steam community forums and I guess my recruiter took notice.

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