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    Interesting synthesizer track, but not something I would actively listen to.
    Overall score: 5/10

    Virginia Vee - "Once Upon a Time... Space"
    (It's the English version of the theme song to the French/Japanese animated science fiction TV series of the same name from 1982, directed by Albert Barillé. The nostalgia for me is strong in this one as I watched this a lot as a child. Musically, the theme consist of an orchestral arrangement based around a jazzy chord progression I'm a sucker for.)

  • 7/10 Pretty good, not into TV shows or whatever but it had a nice appeal to it and certainly did it's job.

    Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road

  • 6/10

    Lil Skate - The Bulldog

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    3/10 meh, too slow

    The Unguided - Boneyard

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    Decent song for its genre, but I'm not that into metal.
    Overall score: 6/10

    Ieva Zasimauskaitė - "Paslėpk Mane"
    (The song and music video needs some context: Ieva was Lithuania's representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Lisbon, Portugal. Therefore the shots you see in the music video are related to that. Now, this is not the song she performed at the contest, but written afterwards. I do not understand a single word of Lithuanian, but I always feel something while listening to it. I hope you do the same! However, an English translation is found in the description.)

  • 4/10 Doesn't float my boat.
    Ira Newborn & ?Dominik Hauser? - Naked Gun Theme

  • 10/10 (Classy!)

    Tevin Campbell ft. Rosie Gaines - "I 2 I"
    (More childhood nostalgia for me. Taken from the soundtrack to the 90s Disney classic "A Goofy Movie". R&B singer Tevin Campbell voices Powerline, a character based on Michael Jackson and Prince, so is the music.)

  • 2/10

    The Smiths ANOTHER SUNNY DAY - You Should All Be Murdered (Three Songs)

  • Nice production, especially like the clearity of the bass drum. Unfortunately, these vocals are too monotonous for my taste.
    Overall score: 5/10

    a-ha - "Foot of the Mountain"

  • 3/10
    It's alright PFC Pedorsen, but a little too boring. Not a mountain I'd climb.

    Ruth Etting - Ten Cents A Dance

  • 6/10 It's good just doesn't have the best audio, but what on Earth could anyone expect from a 30s recording?

    Deafheaven released their best album to date 4 days ago now, if you haven't heard it in whole I'd whole heartedly reccommend you do.

    Deafheaven - Worthless Animal

  • 4/10

    The Drums - The Future

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    Decent song, but considering the band is called The Drums, I am slightly disappointed because I expected more drums.
    Overall score: 6/10

    Talking about drums... The legendary John Bonham everyone!
    Led Zeppelin - "Achilles Last Stand"

  • 4/10 - Never liked Led Zep, always considered them boomer music, PFC

    Fake Morrissey - What Happened to You, my Dearest Friend?

    Edit: (Props for takin' the craic well.)

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    Nice tune, but very basic composition and arrangement.
    Overall score: 5/10 (average)

    With over 10 million monthly listens on Spotify, Led Zeppelin is definitely more than "boomer music", but I digress.

    Johnny Logan - "Hold Me Now"
    (Fun-fact: This was Ireland's winner in Eurovision Song Contest 1987 and Johnny Logan is currently the only artist to have won the contest twice, first time in 1980.)

  • 8/10 - It's a Vice City and/or John Hughes tier choon
    Feelissey - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)

  • Good song and passionate performance! The only thing that bugged me was the trumpet solo sounding a bit too sharp for my taste.
    Overall score: 9/10

    Everybody knows this band, but their deeper cuts often gets ignored in favor of their hit singles. Here's the closing track of their 1977 album News of the World - a beautiful jazz ballad from Freddie Mercury:

    Queen - "My Melancholy Blues"

  • 6/10

    The Grand Spectacular

  • 3/10 - Glad I never went to Goldsmiths in the end.

    Charlie Chaplin - Chanson Incompréhensible

    Edit: It's from Modern Times, his first "talkie" film

  • He got some moves. Legend!
    (Btw, what movie is this scene taken from?)
    Overall score: 10/10

    Eagles - "Get Over It"

  • 5/10

    Cherub - Dancin' Shoes (Starts at 35 seconds for all the impatient ones)

  • 5/10 not my taste but not terrible

    Architects - These Colours Don't Run

  • A bit too much screaming for my taste. The instrumentation doesn't excite me too much either.
    Overall score: 2/10

    Carola - "Fångad av en stormvind"
    (Swedish song and winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1991. There is an English version titled "Captured by a Lovestorm", but I prefer it in Swedish as a Scandinavian. So catchy!)

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    2.5/10 cant understand it mate x
    (captions don't help darling as the tune itself does nothing for me, reading lyrics doesnt make it any better)
    .5 for the dancing

    Denzel Curry - CLOUT COBAIN

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    2/10 Really disappointing to see this from Denzel, massive regression on his part, where did the 'Pure Enough' Denzel go? Sure he's sold out but the other singles are great, hopefully it's an odd one out on the tracklist.

    A slower track from Deafheaven, and pretty accessible while still keeping their flavour.

    Deafheaven - Near

  • It's relaxing and nice, but nothing extraordinary.
    Overall score: 6/10

    PFC Ixer, that's why I picked a video with English translation :p

    Koinonia - "Talk About It"

  • 10/10 - Wow, this was great. Quintessential 80s soul/R&B stuff, reminds me of Womack & Womack a bit. Getting Vice City nostalgia.

    Jack Payne - It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow

  • 5/10

    Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Memey but actually a really solid song)

  • 7.9/10


  • 6/10 (It's alright, but the song doesn't really go anywhere for me to give it any higher score.)

    Joe Satriani - "Summer Song"

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