Hearts of Iron 4

It's coming, release date is still to be announced but no matter what, it's coming ! :D

Here are the latest gameplay videos. Enjoy...


  • Iam so hyped!!! I love HoI4. Played HoI3 a lot but never played really well. Sort of complicated to understand the mechanincs.

    Pvt. Mendonza

  • ive been watching this series, its looking quite nice albeit somewhat more streamlined than Hoi3

    but mods will account for that

  • Streamlining is not a bad thing in HoI, the game has always suffered from being very bloated. I actually prefer them making a base game that you can mod a lot.

  • edited April 2016

    Date for release is announced!

    If everything will go according to plan, developers aim to release the game at June 6, 2016!...

    Guess pre-order will be open in May (if so, I will definetely pre-order it!)

    Can't wait to play it!..

  • Yes, The preorder should go up in early may - Keep your money ready to throw!

  • The preorder is now available. Already bought it.

  • Bought it, inpatient to play it :D

  • anyone from the EST Companies that want to do MP, add me on Steam looking to get a big game going

  • HOI4 has been simplified but somehow the ui is more confusing than HOI3, how is this even possible?

    Otherwise good game 8.5/10

  • @"PFC Kraft" I would not mind looking at getting a MP game going

  • Updating this thread to see if somebody would be interested about some MP someday (GMT time), feel free to add me on steam if so! :)

    PS: I didn't try MP on this game yet so I don't know how it will look like

  • Can't elaborate too much right now as i am at work. But looking to get a large ~10 person mp game going over the holiday break in December. Let me know if you are interested by PMing me, with the subject Hearts

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