Switch back to DH v501 ?

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Hi !
I played DH v5 for several years, then came the update to V6 .
I think the new version brings very few new features ( and the spawn selection feature is not necessary imo ) , but we lost also many features like the custom maps .
Could it be possible to switch back to 5.1 , please ?


  • I believe that those custom maps will be back, it just takes time for them to "integrate" into the new version of the game. The developers of the game should have told the lost features to mappers long before the update came but they didn't, but If we get back to 5,1 now we would literally spit on the developer's work which they do for free, so be patient, the custom maps will be back sooner or later.

  • LG_Derrick,

    It is not possible to run a 5.1 DH server anymore, there's nothing that can be done about that.

    As far as the custom maps go, we are working hard to get them all properly working and they will be put back in the maprotation once they're fixed.

  • why is it not possible if I may inquire?

  • It's possible but we we would lose almost our entire public playerbase, as players would have to have the 5.01 legacy build installed. Therefore we will not switch over to any legacy build of Darkest Hour.

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