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  • 5/10 Sounds like something you would hear at a nightclub

    Powerglove: Under the Sea (Featuring: Marc Hudson from Dragonforce)

  • 9/10 Very epic version of this song. Definitely different from the version I sang with my school's choir lol

    End Of The World - Aphrodite's Child

  • 6.6/10

    The Smiths - This Night Has Opened My Eyes

  • 5/10

    TWRP - Tactile Sensation (feat. Planet Booty)

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    J.D. - Chance (Atmosphere)

  • 200/10

    Haley Heynderickx - The Bug Collector

  • 7/10 Very nice

    Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill

  • 8.9/10

    New Order - Dreams Never End (Peel Session)

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    Robin Schulz, HUGEL - I Believe I'm Fine

  • 10/10 - Love Robin Schulz, although this one didn't stick as much it's greatly underappreciated

    Robin Schulz – OK (feat. James Blunt)

  • 8/10 - For Party use and car use only.


    Do you hear the people sing by 17 different Valjeans

  • 10/10

    Erik Lautier - Falcon In The Dive

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    Cpl Millin:

    11/10 - I was lucky enough to see this at the royal Albert hall. I love it, so beautiful and moving. Reminds me of two swans on a lake (gay!)

    So this is a qt little song, I play it to cheer myself up while cycling. I get images of a robin mischievously picking at a bird feeder and flying around the garden in search of food.

    Dance macabre - Camille

    Reminds me of this place in an amusement parc in the Netherlands: (SKIP TO 6:56)

    6/10 - Spooky stuff

    Hozier - In The Wood Somewhere

  • 3/10 - Nope

    The Cure - Funeral Party

  • 9.3/10

    The Cure - Disintegration (Entreat Live Version)

  • 9/10

    John Mayer - New Light (Low-key banga)

  • 5/10 -Not my thing, though I don't inherently dislike it.

    Rina Kelly - J'attendrai

    (you might recall it from 'Das Boot'. Yet so very much more beautiful than Vera Lynn, or even Marlene Dietrich. Certainly moreso than later singers like Jane Morgan or all the other Cole Porter ones in the thirties.)

  • 1/10 Not my type of music.

    Rev Theory - Hell yeah

  • 5/10? I like the instrumentals but the lyrics are pretty poor.

    Some accessible Nu Metal.

    My Ticket Home - Spit Not Chewed

  • 4/10

    morrissey: lifeguard on duty

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    Morrissey - A Swallow On My Neck

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    4/10, like the smiths but without the sex

    Now here is a REAL MANs song. About pain and hurt and the endless depression of life. A REAL MANS SONG

    Hurt - Johnny Cash

  • 4/10

    Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds - Three Lions

    14 days

  • 3/10

    Mumford & Sons - Dust Bowl Dance

  • @"PFC Ixer [Ret.]" said:


    Care to explain why? When you simply write a number it’s cold and decisive. Don’t break my heart

  • 6/10 - Not bad

    Kodaline - All I Want

  • 4/10 Never been a fan of indie folk to be honest. Also just to be a little off topic, Cpl. Millin listen to the original 'Hurt' it's much better.

    Now here's a single from a project that I personally loved from the first listen.

    Wednesday Campanella - Aladdin

  • 3/10

    unreal superhero 3

  • 10/10

    Like an electronic version of The Ecstacy of Gold

    The Band - The Weight

  • 6/10

    Orange Juice - Rip it Up

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