Award (Benjamin A. Gibson) 

SSgt. Robles said:

During 2Lt. Ochs' OCS scrim, T/5 Gibson (and other not-that-important-people) looked to ruin any chance of a DP2 victory. While being surrounded and shot at from everywhere, the objective in which the good T/5's in-game squad was in was taking heavy casualties. It got to a point where it looked doubtful that the guests would ruin 2Lt. Ochs' fun. It was just T/5 Gibson, his SMG, and a huge enemy team. However, something happened: this young, scared T/5 became Rambo. He killed man after man after man. It looked like he was some sort of Vietnamese ghost. By the time he was killed, he had managed to kill 7 people -- a third of the DP2 forces. His impact in that objective influenced the outcome of the match in the guest's favor. Due to all of his actions, he is being awarded a Bronze Star. Nice!


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