Two Years and Six Months of Service (Alexander J. Strickland) 

PFC Maciel said:

I have known PFC Strickland since I joined the 29th on EP2S2, over there I didn't get much chance to talk with him, since I was new in the unit and somewhat shy. But what I noticed in PFC Strickland, was that he was a good Machinegunner, quiet and had some interesting jokes. After the split, I saw Strickland much more active in EP2S1, with him being one of the best machinegunner in the platoon, often killing a lot of people from his hiding spots. What I didn't also know at the time was that he was a 29th veteran with more than a year of service, and that at this moment he is being awarded his 5th AOCC which means 2 and half years in the 29th, and therefore I have the pleasure of awarding him his 5th AOCC. Congratulations PFC Strickland.


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