DH Map Problems

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Hello 29th admins,
Since the new maps being introduced, the Darkest Hour Battalion server population has dramatically dropped, primarily due to maps:

DH-Hill400DOE - once voted for this map cannot be loaded by ANYONE, the server population drops to 0 and everyone has to wait for the map time to run out. This effectively ends the gameplay for the entire day. This map MUST be removed from the list, it is voted regularly and has stopped the server twice this weekend and is as I am typing.

'BloodyHell' - 1. this map has a player class limit on riflemen forcing players into classes they may not know how to use (axis are meant to have fewer players than allies but this is not an issue)
2. the map player limit is below the server player limit, this results in ~10 players being stuck in spectate for the entire map and several more unable to even spectate and being locked in the lobby.
3. Furthermore the key satchel charge destroyable targets (the fence) are NOT destroyable, it causes players to waste time trying to blow them up and creates an inpenetrable bottleneck for the axis tank to guard, these need to be fixed or it need removing.

There are several other maps that either crash the server or have issues in their poor construction which I unfortunately cannot recall at this time.

I beg you to remove these (at least while bugs are fixed) from the map rotation or these problems will hamper the otherwise enjoyable gameplay on the server night after night.

Long term player on your server - Loosewire


  • The server reset seemed to add all the maps on the server to the vote list. The offending maps have been removed.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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