Winchester/Military Police Feedback

Well, the winchester has went live on the bat server. Any glitches tweaks anything like that please post them here.


  • The following changes are being proposed for next release.

    -Fixing melee when no ammo is left.
    -Changing pellets to .38 pistol rounds rather than .30 cal rifle rounds. (Bullets will be slower, with more drop and less damage at range).
    -50% increase in spread.
    -Adding CommonWealth MP class.
    -Giving MP class a pistol side-arm. <- My idea

  • I find sometimes the Ammo count isnt true I run out of ammo and it does not say 0 next to the magazine icon then Ammo boxes dont work so I cannot replenish

  • Following changes have been implemented:

    -Spread has been increased by 50%
    -Shotgun now fires 9x9mm rounds
    -Class now has sidearm
    -MP role exists for all western Allied nations

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