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Recruit Raziel J. Agro
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  • Hey guys, I'm friends with Ohran from 29th, and Intxaurza as well. I have just been BANNED... yes BANNED by Kim of 29th simply for saying the word stfu. Which I admit to, but he completely abused admin rights. First he kicked me for saying that word and then he banned me simply cuz I was saying how he abused admin rights.

    Unban me, because I always play the game properly, lm not a troublemaker. Kim has anger issues, he is always angry. I have seen people tk repeatedly, I have seen people argue for extended periods, I have seen people call admins names and they STILL don't get banned. And I get banned for this?

    One reason for this guys is because he was the only admin present and felt he could get away with it.

    January 2017