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Pvt. Zúñiga

Anyone up for a bit of PayDay 2?


Pvt. Zúñiga
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  • Anyone up for a bit of PayDay 2?

  • That feeling when you get RS2 and you wanna play it but its 4:15am and the game is in a permanent 3 hours of downloading left.

    March 11
  • Mmmmm i had to change my TS3 avatar because it had something that a CW dind't like.
    I don't blame him, i made a huge mistake when i picked the image that said PEE PEE POO POO.

    March 11
  • Well now I understand why there were a few guys laughing when they were saying my name in TS.

    January 27
    • Cpt. Hill
      Cpt. Hill
      You should add a post in our name pronunciation guide.
    • Pvt. Zúñiga
      Pvt. Zúñiga
      I don't think that it will solve the problem, they pronounced the name right.
  • Day 2 done, 3 days to go.

    Pretty fine so far, a bit of problem with the bunker part of the grenade course.
    I want to improve so much that i even asked to the Corporal if I could saty a bit more time after the BCT to do the movement training course to improve and try to do it the fast as possible, sadly the request was denied, but I'll take his advice that the best training is playing with real players to improve.

    January 23
  • Yes!, I was accepted, now i must wait to the 21st of January to start my BCT!

    If anybody read this, wish me luck!

    January 16