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CW3 Hill


CW3 Hill
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  • Hi, are you italian or speack italian? Anyway, thank you very much for your response in my post "Ban?" :)

    July 10
    • CW3 Hill
      CW3 Hill
      I am Canadian and do not speak Italian. You are welcome, good luck with your ban dispute.
  • FSgt. Balzer

    Chief Warrant Officer Jason J. Hill has been served the 29th for seven years now. His Steam profile image has long confused me. Is that the back of his head? After many years I asked, it is. That's not his first Steam profile image. His old one, I assumed now housed in the Smithsonian, was of his younger days. A much younger back of CW3 Hill's Head. I never got a clear answer why the image of the back of his head. Is he showing off his full head of hair? Lack of bald spots? After getting to know him, I have figured it out. Its not the back of his head at all. Its him looking where we are going. He is leading the way. He probably meant to put a pic of himself there. Providence and Fate intervened, and corrected the image as we would see him. Always leading us the way, showing us where we are going. Trudging on, assuming we are behind him. We are.

    October 2016
  • only was a ban for one sesion .. thanks for answering to fast! see u on the battlefield!!

    August 2016
  • Hello Mate, I still experience this technical difficulty, which is related only to the 29th infranty server on Darkest Hour. Could I ask you for help, please?

    May 2016
    • CW3 Hill
      CW3 Hill
      I have responded via message.
  • T4 Burg

    Thanks FSgt.Hill, Good to be back!, feels like home.

    October 2015
    • CW3 Hill
      CW3 Hill
      You're welcome. Glad another Vet. has returned!
  • PFC Clyde

    Hope everything is going good FSgt. Hill, the company looks forward to seeing you.

    March 2015
  • Pvt. Mullins

    thank you very much.

    February 2015
    • CW3 Hill
      CW3 Hill
      You're welcome.
  • thank you FSgt. Hill

    February 2015
    • CW3 Hill
      CW3 Hill
      You are welcome.
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    July 2014