Honest Request to be Unbanned

So I got banned from Darkest Hour for religious discussion... Just go ahead and think about that for a second lol. Anyways Ill be honest Im probably guilty of that. After a comment directed toward 'donaldtrump' regarding the sender, talking about 'your lord and savior'. So in my infinite wisdom, went against a previous warning to cut of discussion about religion, and mentioned that Donald Trump (referring to the actual man himself) is probably a devout Catholic already. I recognize that it may have sounded offensive (I guess in some way, not sure myself), but in no way intended it be as I am Catholic myself. Immediately I was banned after the comment, but feel it was a little unnecessary and do request that my IP address be unbanned, so I can continue to mow down Americans with Hitlers Chainsaw.
Thank you for your consideration,
Tristan Cofer


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