[Civil Affairs] AAR of the Month - Able Company

Good morning, sir. As you know the remains of Able Company, First Platoon arrived this morning. This is the after action report of what happened.

PFC Ralph K. Hofer

After action report "Operation breakthrough" Hanto 29th Infantry Able Company, First platoon, 'Hellhounds'.

The Imperial Army of Japan were surrounding our position after we captured the military installation of Hanto a week ago.

Due to the Japanese Army's effort to recapture our position we were given the order to fall back into the jungle.

After about 3 days our supplies were running low so we requested an airborne supply run and they were supposed to reach us the next day.

After we did not receive the supply nor see any sign of the USNAF (US Navy Air Force) we contacted the USS Lexington. Tt was at that moment we received information that the USS Lexington was hit by a kamikaze attack, damaging the deck.

Due to this unfortunate incident we were not able to get a resupply run. Our commanding officer, 1Lt James A. Watkins, ordered us to hold until we were able to get a resupply by air or land.

The next day our scouts returned with the information that about 2 Imperial Japanese Army companies where advancing on our location and that the Japanese present in the installation where only one squad of Japanese infantry.

Then we decided to break through the enemy lines and run back to our nearest friendly lines.


Our general orders where to use stealth and to not engage the enemy until you were fired upon.

For my squad, AP1S2 "hellhounds", our orders were to go to the village, clear all the buildings, go through a passage and then get directly to the checkpoint and main camp and clear it out, making sure the rest of the platoon can pass it without any resistance.

For the rest of our platoon the orders were to follow the river upstream until they reached the cliff and then follow the cliff, sneak past the first camp and defensive location than about 100 meters they would reach the main camp and checkpoint, after that they are clear.

My squad leader ordered me to stay back with the flamethrower so we could clear out the buildings with relative ease while the rest of the squad followed behind the point man.

The Battle:

My squad was moving to the village at a relatively slow pace when the rest of the platoon broke off to follow the river so we were not really confident that we could take the enemy head on.

After about 50 meters we reached the edge of the village hugging the cliff side to our north then me and the flamer broke off to clear the village.

We were all a little jumpy; not knowing where the enemy is in this environment is not the best situation you can be in.

After clearing the buildings and finding no sign of the enemy we regrouped with your squad.

After regrouping we were making our way to the passage, which was quite open, but we had to get around a corner first for a perfect spot for a ambush do to this. We sent our point man first. After he did not receive any signs of the enemy the rest of the squad moved to the passage.

Just moments later an MG cut down the point man and the man behind him, one of our rifleman, was pinned down behind a tree so my SL tried to take out the MG.

After he took down the MG he got shot by a rifleman and we were given the order to fall back immediately and regroup with our platoon next to the cliff.

The rifleman that was pinned down was now covering our withdrawal, after which we reached the rest of the platoon who were trying to sneak past the enemy line.

I reached the first camp with the rest of my squad directly behind me. Just as my squad moved up on me I was shot at by a rifleman on my left flank. I dove forwards into a ditch while the rest of the squad was trying to locate him and then suppressing the bushes on my left.

But due to the gunfire the enemies in the first camp came to our position they were firing upon my squad likely the rest of the platoon caught up to us.

When the enemy was distracted I moved forward to the main camp and checkpoint.

After our platoon cleared out the first camp and received some casualties I reached the main camp a Japanese MG was moving back to the camp. I dropped on the ground and shot him.

Then I hopped over the wall and got behind a tent while the rest of the platoon and my squad was moving up slowly, giving me time to clear out the camp.

I had cleared about a quarter of the camp we the 1Lt gave the order to move up without delay, probably due to the 2 Japanese companies closing in on us.

After I got out I ran as fast as I could back to our line. I did hear some shots coming from the main camp behind me but I did not look back.

Written by: PFC de Crom
Edited by: Cpl. Langford and PFC Dethfield
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S1

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