Hello from the 1st Infantry Division!


Some of your members have given me and my unit a very warm welcome into the Heros of the West community and I just wanted to say thank you!

We are attempting to setup a server with the Mod on it right now (having issues getting it in the ranked list for some reason) but it is up an running and we all enjoy running on your server too.

We look forward to expanding out this community with you guys.

See you all on the Battlefield!

Capt. Justin Phoenix


  • Welcome on our forums!
    It is safe to say that the whole 29th wishes you and your unit the best of luck. If you desire reinforcing your connection with us, hit @T5 Kouters or me up on Steam, or you can even send us a PM on this forums.

    Kind regards,
    PFC Peroni

  • Hello and Welcome! looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

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