Unbanned - GermanInfieltratedSabotator

ROID: 76561198195847506
Which Game were you banned on? Darkest Hour
Date/Time of Ban: 04/06/2016
Name you used when banned: GermanInfieltratedSabotator
Admin who banned you: Don't remember (that is not his user name)
Why were you banned: I was giving tactical information to the Germans, and also Killed 1 team mate and destroyed 1 Sherman tank in the match before.
Why should you be unbanned: I bough RO just for the Darkest hour mod, most because I really like ww2 but much more because I love the german army. When I got banned I was just trolling, kidding, pretending that I was an infiltrated soldier in the game. That was the first time I did that, and some people in the match even laugh of that, but no one get disturbed, except the Sherman tank crew that I killed with one bazooka in the match before. I was just having some fun. The 29th server is the only one that works in DH, and thats mean I can no longer play if I continue banned, which mean I lost my money and time buying the game that is exclusive multiplayer. But its not about money, its about play the game that I like, so please reactivate my account.

I also had to register in this site just to do all of this. so please, unban me.

Update of 04/07/2016:

Today I just realised that the site where I posted this ban dispute first, yesterday, was no longer operatinal, so I just had to register again in this one today. I hope that everything got solved because I should be in combat now, fighting americans and tommies alongside with meine german Kameraden.


  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • When exactly? Can be today? I should be in combat. I'm not gonna infiltrate in the enemy army anymore. Now I'll only fight them as a soldier, as it should be.

  • You've been unbannned.

    Play the game as it should be played as others also want to have fun in game. Feel free to check out the rest of our rules here.

  • Thank you Fritz, I'm glad to be answered by a german, f you were American I would probably be executed for espionage. Heil unsere Führer kameraden. Thank you.

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