Company of Heroes 2

I am looking for some teammates in CoH2, if you want to team up and crush some opposition add me on steam.
I play Allies and Axis, have about 150hours of CoH1 experience but I am pretty new to CoH2.


  • I'm up to it, been playing a lot recently... I'm still a noob, but if you are willing to lose a lot with me we can make it work out :)
    I'm trying to perfect my game with the Americans, so that is pretty much the only faction that I'm comfortable to play with right now.

  • My specialty is Wehrmacht and Oberkommando West and I'm defensive oriented, therefor I can also make due with the Americans and very good with the Brits

  • For those interested COH2 is free in humble bundle

  • For those interested CH2 is free in humble bundle

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