Battalion Battle of the Squads IV Awards

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Battalion Battle of the Squads IV Awards
May 29th, 2016


As active participants contributing to the success of the victorious squads for each of the three brackets, the following soldiers are receiving the Meritorious Unit Citation.
Unit Citations

Red Orchestra 2 Darkest Hour ArmA 3
Sgt. Littlefield Sgt. Ternby Cpl. Wilmore
Cpl. Robles T/4 Kabeya T/5 Burg
T/5 Dethfield Cpl. Blouin PFC Chamberlain
PFC Rodenbaugh T/5 Friesenhan PFC Egholm
PFC Arjet T/5 Lacey PFC Josefsen
PFC Bartz PFC Daniels PFC Murray
PFC Filho PFC Egelund PFC VanGastel
PFC Roast Pvt. Fricke PFC Wærness
PFC VandenBerg Pvt. Humphrey Pvt. Carter
Pvt. Bruer Pvt. Mendonza Pvt. Danberg
Pvt. Blazek Pvt. Zanovich Pvt. Heß
Pvt. Byrd Pvt. Jäger
Pvt. Rikers

Corporal Scott Dashwood
The initial clash did not go in BP2S1's favor during their semi finals match against AP3:

The Center Objective had been fought over fiercely, but in the end AP3 had secured it with BP2S1 taking losses and leaving them only with the South Objective.

Recognizing that AP3 could now go on the defensive and his squad was behind, Cpl. Dashwood quickly moved to take back the initiative. Taking out one enemy using a Bazooka around center he then moved into center with his trusty ASL Cpl. Bagge.

Moving up the stairs they both took a volley of fire from the defender holding them, taking down Cpl. Bagge and wounding Dashwood himself. Responding with rifle fire of his own the stair defender was taken down.

Moving onto the top floor Cpl. Dashwood did not waste time, deducing the room the second defender was in he skillfully peaked the door, resulting in him being wounded a second time but making the defender using his full magazine in trying to kill him. Cpl. Dashwood then rushed the room and took down the final reloading defender.

Still behind on numbers Cpl. Dashwood knew he still had to retake the Northern cap. Leaving a small defense force behind, he led PFC Halme in a skillful stealthy flank around the west side of the map and into the final northern objective.

Leading by example he was the first one up the stairs into the building's middle floor where he was taken down in exchange of fire. However his sacrifice allowed PFC Halme to deduce the locations of the enemy and take them out.

For securing three kills, helping to secure all three caps, leading his team almost to the end and showing a high level of skill and aggression all while wounded I am happy to award Cpl. Dashwood the Purple Heart.

Purple Heart

Corporal Christian Runing
In the Quarter-Finals match against AP4S2 Cpl. Running while leading his squad set up a forward position near the crucial C cap.

Despite being under the pressure of being two men down and also leading his squad he was never distracted and found himself an excellent position near the barn.

Always patient he used this position and the area around it to great affect, stealthily eliminating three enemies who were contesting the C cap. His leadership and amazing display of skill in clearing the C cap allowed BP2S2 to secure the crucial quarter finals win and advance.

For his actions I am awarding him the Army Commendation Medal.

Army Commendation Medal

Corporal Joel A. Wilmore
Cpl. Wilmore's actions during the final match in the Arma3 BBOTS assured his team a victory. Cpl. Wilmore moved up on his teams right flank and took a position in a 2 story building overlooking the (Garden)right side cap zone. The enemy soon attacked. Over the course of the round, the enemy attacks were almost all focused on the building Cpl. Wilmore held or around it. The building Cpl. Wilmore chose to hold had a separate second floor entrance, separate than to the first floor areas. The enemy took the cap near his building and soon Cpl. Wilmore engaged those enemies. The Pvt. who was with Cpl. Wilmore fell in the first of many attacks, leaving the Cpl. to hold the garden cap zone and entire right side of his teams positions alone.
Time and again Enemies tried to storm his building and fell to him. Many times it was obvious that the Cpl and his opponents could hear each other in other parts of the building. Several times the Cpl. was rushed and several times he counter rushed the enemy and slay them where he found them. Eventually Cpl. Wilmore was able to re take the Garden cap. Clearing the area around it, he felled his last enemy on a raised patio east of the Garden cap, bringing his kill total to five enemies. More importantly, by remaining alive and holding his position and dropping attackers, Cpl. Wilmore contribution clearly handed his squad victory. For his incredible high level play, Cpl. Wilmore is being awarded a Silver Star.

Silver Star

Technician, 5th Grade Joakim K. Junnila
In BP2S2's semi final match against BP2S1, the C cap had become contested and a dead-lock arose. Both sides settled down and it seemed time would run out without BP2S2 managing to secure the crucial C cap for victory.

However with little regard for his own safety, T/5 Junilla ran to the Stalin House, completely overlooked from multiple sides: There he put himself in the top floor window and with great bravery, and trust in his own lightning quick reactions, took on the multiple BP2S1 opponents looking directly at him. Quickly peaking, shooting and moving back, three shots rang out from his K98, three shots, three kills; all heart shots.

The whole time the opponents from BP2S2 knew where he was, and his only defence against their fire was his own counter fire, always a few milliseconds before they could get him. These three kills tipped the balance against BP2S1, they were forced to counter attack and were eventually defeated in a bloody CQB brawl in the Stalin house where the T/5 had initially positioned himself.

For his awesome display of speed and aggression, and being the major contributing factor in BP2S2's semi final win I am pleased to award him the Army Commendation Medal.

Army Commendation Medal

Private, First Class Aaro Halme
Late in the semi finals DH BOTS match against AP3 it seemed like BP2S1 were out for the count: Outnumbered two to one, and still needing the highly locked down northern cap to win; it seemed to an observer that they had too high a mountain to climb to make a come back.

PFC Halme however had different ideas. Flanking far west with his squad leader Cpl Dashwood they eventually reached the highly guarded Northern cap building nicknamed 'Double Titi's.

Moving into the building he quickly discovered AP3 were holding the staircases of all three floors, going full interior defense. His squad leader was taken out before him trying to ascend the very first staircase leaving him entirely on his own in the building,

Unfazed and with an incredible display of skill and aggression he rushed up the stairs and with lightning speed and cleared all three floors hipshooting his M1 carbine. When the dust had settled he had cleared the building of all four of the enemy defending it, secured the cap and most importantly secured the crucial victory sending BP2S1 to the DH BOTS finals.

For securing the win for his team, showing incredible initiative and aggression and achieving a total of five kills I am happy to award PFC Halme the Bronze Star for his actions.

Bronze Star

Private, First Class Erik N. Murray
During the first round of the Arma3 Finals, PFC Murray's flanking maneuver demonstrated a skill set not usually seen. After moving up and suppressing enemy positions, it became obvious the enemy were to set up a concentrated group of positions facing the center of the battle. PFC Murray suppressed at range, caused confusion and used this to move up alone against the larger of the enemy force. Clearing buildings and the area around them, the PFC was able to achieve 3 kills before being taken down. This action broke the enemy squads positions and hopes for wining the round.
PFC Murray had taken it upon himself to train and plan with his squad during BBOTs. This was made more difficult by his squad being split in to 2 new squads during BBOTS. All is time and prep of the squad for BBOTS is out shadowed by his display in this round. Moving across the most open terrain of the match, while not being seen is achievement enough. Doing this to get in to and behind the dug in enemy position, causing confusion and casualties in their ranks, contributed nicely to his teams victory. For his display of patience and skill, PFC Murray is receiving a Bronze Star.

Bronze Star


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