29th XCOM 2 Campaign

29th XCOM 2 Campaign

Recently I have been toying with the idea of having a play through with all 29th ID members in my XCOM 2 team to combat the alien forces and take back earth! I will need volunteers for the fight against the alien menace, to enlist you simply need to post your full name(First and Last) then any specific details you want on your soldier. ex: Hairstyle, helmet/ no helmet, Class Etc.(if you want real detail you can probably look up the customization's somewhere)

enter image description here

This campaigns gear will also have the theme of the halo universe, if you are unfamiliar with the game/ lore don't worry all the gear is cool and if you don't care about specifics I will make you a bad ass regardless. For the 'Realism' of this campaign you will earn your ranks/ gear through combat. What this means is Everyone will start out as a rookie and work their way through the ranks. You will start with basic gear(basic Halo marine) upon reaching the rank of Sergeant you will be promoted to an ODST(orbital drop shock trooper). The last and highest tier troops Major and above will be promoted to full fledged spartan soldiers, for those unfamiliar with the lore you are essentially a walking tank at this point. Now this is all for fun and I will be doing my best to post some AAR's with screenshots after some of the missions I complete, I will keep an active roster of active duty soldiers MIA and KIA. If any of this interests you I will be starting this within a week so get your name in here now. Also keep in mind XCOM is somewhat unforgiving and some of you will probably die along the way, I will be running on Veteran difficulty with iron man enabled(1 save file) so I will undoubtedly make some mistakes and success is not guaranteed.

Important to note: I am running the game with several mods from the workshop mostly cosmetic and some mods that add new mechanics and smooth old ones over.

I may take some time to complete this campaign as it is just something I will do on the side for my own entertainment though I do hope some of you guys enjoy this while it lasts.

First come first serve, the squad size is quite limited per mission so I will only be able to field so many troops at a time. Though I can stock up my barracks and have some fresh soldiers in reserves for whenever I need them.

Examples of some of the spartan armors:
Emile - A239
John - 117
Carter - A259(Gillespie's Future Armor)

Attainable Ranks

Active Duty:
Corporal, Jonathon 'Plum' Plumbley
Corporal, Nikolai 'Shut Up' Moreno
Corporal, Michael 'Barry' Tyson
Squaddie, Chris 'Wimpy' Wimpfheimer
Squaddie, Grant ' Noble One' Gillespie
Squaddie, Raleigh 'Boehner' Bohlander
Squaddie, Ben 'Puppy' Wolf
Squaddie, Caleb 'Oats' Outten
Rookie, Bilbo 'Science' Swaggins
Rookie, Michael 'Jordan' Scott
Rookie, Zack 'No Take Backs' Boelter
Rookie, Donald 'Ducky' Harmon
Rookie, Bill 'Derpinator' Deakin
Rookie, Jelle 'The Engi' Saerens
Rookie, Henry 'Bambi' Doe
Rookie, Adam 'Defender' Schraff
Rookie, Omar 'Jim Rustle' Sanchez




  • Grant Gillespie. Up until Spartan, you can do anything you want in terms of appearance. After reaching Spartan, recreate Commander Carter-A259 as much as possible. DMR is a must-have. Class should be Specialist. Nickname should be Noble One. That is, assuming the character survives.

  • Michael Tyson. Nickname should be Barry. Any class and try to give him a bald head and any armour that you want!

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    @PFC Tyson @PFC Gillespie Done. Check them out, I have no problem adding or removing anything from your soldiers if you wish. Halo weaponry will come in once the campaign starts, this is just from the character pool.

    I will need around 15 - 20 soldiers for an effective campaign so enlist now! Any questions just ask away.

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    Bilbo "The really good Science person" Swaggins - Melee/Close Range - Extremely stupid looking

  • Caleb Outten. No helmet and make him go down for the good of the team when needed. Nickname should be Oats. Class preferably heavy.

  • @PFC Scienski said:
    "The really good Science person"

    Probably a character limit so 'Science' will have to do.

  • Ben (Benjamin whatever you like) Wolf, nickname puppy - sneaky class. and look German jaa

  • Michael "Jordan" Scott. No preference on looks, for class something long range? If that exists, I am not familiar with the game.

  • Zach "No Take Backs" Boelter. If that fits lol otherwise whatever. Put in the a long range role or medium range.

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    For future enlistees the classes are Sharpshooter(long range/ Pistol Skillz), Specialist(drone Support/ Medic), Ranger(close range/ stealth), Grenadier(Heavy weapons/ support) and Psi Operative(Late- mid game/ Psychic abilities).

  • Raleigh "Boehner" Bohlander I'll take Specialist - if you make me a female character I wouldn't hold it against you

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    Nick (Nikolai) Moreno. no helmet, buzzcut, big beard. grenadier

  • Donald Harmon. Nickname is up to you helmet preferably appearance can be whatever you heart desires. Class ranger

  • Roster is filling up nicely, Room for at least 10 more in the upcoming campaign. Also if you dont appear in the campaign, but just want to see yourself XCOMified I don't mind making the characters, its quite fun.

  • I look sweeeet.

  • Jonathan "Plum" Plumbley, sharpshooter, some sort of dark armor and helmet, if possible a black bandana like the ones in arma 3

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    @SSgt. McDonough said:

    @PFC Gillespie Done. Check them out, I have no problem adding or removing anything from your soldiers if you wish.

    Carter had a Mk. V shoulder pad on his right arm, and a Tacpad on his left forearm. Just a few nitpicks.

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    Bill 'The Derpinator' Deakin. Must have a boonie hat, Aviator shades and a cigar. Colour scheme and armour at your discretion. Preferably should have the vanilla Grenadier class but since this part is randomised (and you may have some class mods installed) I'll take whatever I get though I'd prefer to be the guy with the cannon.

  • Carter had a Mk. V shoulder pad on his right arm, and a Tacpad on his left forearm. Just a few nitpicks.

    Understood, I realized I made that mistake just because some of the interchangeable armors overlap each other so everything you said is there just was hidden, It will be fixed for the campaign.

  • My character looks perfect, just as i imagined, thanks @SSgt. McDonough :D

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    Jelle "The Engineer" Saerens, up to spartan assuming the character lives. You can do anything.
    Spartan armor: similar to Gabrial Thorne.
    Class: preferably Ranger close range.

  • Henry Doe. Never had a nickname, but I guess that 'Fawn' or something similar would work. Probably a young looking guy. No beard. Short, brown hair. Ranger/Technician class is fine with me.

  • @T5 Saerens
    Can do and your "whatever" is ready :P

    @PFC Doe
    Couldn't resist the nickname, hope you like it.

  • @SSgt. McDonough
    Sweet looks good. Maybe a cigar would be a good addition? This way he doesn't need a lighter for his fuses :p

  • Adam "Defender" Schraff
    By the book personality, helmet of some kind, glasses, support class, clean shaven, cool armor and gun camo, Halo Reach Scout armor if you can, if not Mark V or VI work well enough for me.

    Colors: Some kind of Green and Black
    Spartan Colors: Purple (main), White (secondary)

    P.S. I love this game

  • @PFC Schraff Going to do my best to make you our designated medic :P

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    The Resurgence

    Aboard the UNSC Avenger
    2 hours prior to the first major operation

    Never did we think that once we defeated the covenant that a second contact war so soon was a possibility. Yet only one year after the covenants defeat we were quickly dragged back down into another gruesome war with what seemed to be another coalition of alien forces. Already bloodied and bruised from the previous war we had little to no time to re-build what was lost. They quickly pushed us from our outer colonies and we attempted to hold earth against all odds. The war lasted less than a year and its been ten years since the alien forces first occupied our home planet. These invaders hide under false pretenses and the promise of a brighter future for humanity, the truth is yet to be revealed though their intentions are nothing less than sinister. Thankfully some surviving members of the UNSC brass managed to find shelter and evade capture by the aliens, this included myself, Commander McDonough. With such little resources and manpower it has taken significant amounts of blood, sweat and tears to finally reach this moment. After ten painstaking years we have finally regained enough strength to fight back against the alien menace that has seized our home. The task ahead of us will be difficult, people will die. We will stop at nothing less than victory and will take back what is rightfully ours, Earth...
    Strike One Taking Off

    Operation Gate Crasher

    Aboard Strike One Dropship
    Enroute to LZ
    ETA 5 minutes

    enter image description here
    Nikolas Moreno wasn't always a marine, in fact he never really wanted to be. Seeing your home world burn in front of your eyes changes you though, it made him realize the importance of fighting. He volunteered to be one of the first boots on the ground per say. There had been ops before but, nothing like this. He knew the dangers going in and he was ready to deliver, plus he trusted the guys with him wholeheartedly. He looked to his front and noticed Raleigh adjusting her hair. "You should be more worried about adjusting your sights" Moreno said. Raleigh glared over with a half sneer half grin and simply replied "Shut up.". It was a bit of a running joke that remark, in fact it had become his nickname. Moreno was always one for smart ass remarks so the squad got tired of telling him to shut up every time and decided to use it full time. He looked around the narrow cabin at the 2 other soldiers checking their gear, Plum and Wimpy. Plum was still a bit of a mystery to Moreno though he knew he could trust him to watch his back any day, Wimpy on the other hand was looking stoic as always. Moreno was about to make a jab at the 2 of them until the pilot burst over the loud speaker " Thirty seconds! Lock and load I'll see you guys on the other side!" Moreno immediately put his game face on. Everyone looked up gave an affirming nod to one another and stood up, the green light came on and they rappelled down.

    Operation Gate Crasher AAR

    I will describe each turn to the best of my ability
    Objective eliminate hostiles, Plant C4/X4

    1.) Landed on roof top, 3 storey building
    2.) Moved toward Objective, no contact
    3.) spotted 3 Troopers to the left of objective
    4.) Bohlander takes shot while Plumbley Over watches with Wimpfheimer. Aftermath / +Bohlander Kill, +Wimpfheimer Kill, +Plumbley Kill
    5.) Reloads/ Overwatch
    6.) Move towards objective no contacts
    7.) continue to close in on objective no contacts
    8.) Engaged 2 troopers and a captain, Bohlander overwatches / 2 grenades onto Captain to kill, 1 grenade onto Trooper +Wimpfheimer Kill +Plumbley Kill
    9.) Trooper ran into Bohlanders overwatch / +Bohlander kill
    10.) Moreno Planting C4, Boom

    Final Result:
    Kills: Bohlander +2, Wimpfheimer +2, Plumbley +2, Moreno +0
    Wounded: 0
    KIA: 0
    Enemies KIA: 6
    Objective Complete (Y/N): Yes
    Promotions: All participating soldiers promoted to Squaddie rank

    Hope you enjoyed this first AAR, I really enjoy writing the flavor text so hopefully you enjoy reading it. I will get more detailed AAR's in the future I kinda just ran through the first to make sure things were working smoothly and they are! Any and all feedback is welcomed though I would prefer constructive feedback. If you don't like something let me know how I can make it better, also apologies for some grammatical errors. I am no English major, also late at night posting this :).

  • That was awesome. The dialogue you had going had me laughing pretty hard. Looking forward to more!

  • lol "shut up" is my favorite part hahahaha

  • That was cool, I got promoted :D

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