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  • Can I go on the next mission, SSgt? Please? No? Guys, I can't kill any aliens because SSgt. McDonough is a big ol' meanie! :P(Being sarcastic here. I'm fine with not going on any missions, it's just that I want at least somebody to look like Cmdr. Carter.)

  • Great read SSgt! Or should I say commander ;). Looking forward to see the next one. I'm a big Halo fan myself.

  • Good work team! Glad to see you all coming back home in one piece!

  • good stuff SSgt.

  • Put me in, coach.
    Omar "Jim Rustle" Sanchez. Put on me the most mexican moustache there is and make me a bald man.
    The details of the armor thingy, I could go for an ODST armor like the one of Romeo in Halo 3 ODST.

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    Just completed another mission bringing the total completed to 3 currently. I last saved at the beginning of a retaliation so I should be able to get two AAR's up between now and next weekend! In the meantime I have updated the roster with the current standing ranks. Stay tuned!

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    Operation Crimson Star

    Enroute to Operation LZ
    ETA 5 minutes

    As the drop ship closed in on the destination the spirits seemed to be high, coming off two major victories was inspiring to the resistance. This time their mission was to secure and EVAC a VIP, more specifically a scientist. They were going to be vital in reverse engineering the aliens tech to give us another edge. They knew it was going to get more difficult though the early success has been a major boost to their morale. The only casualty suffered so far was 'Boehner' though she was known for being a tough one and she would recover soon. There wasn't much talk other than Moreno cracking the odd joke or two and Gillespie going over the crew's gear and checking in on them, he had assumed somewhat of a squad leader style looking out for the guys during each op. Though he was intense at times he definitely cared about each of his squad mates and everyone could see it. Plumbley and Tyson were sitting patiently as communications and gear were checked. The drop ship pilot finally gave the thirty second warning and the crew prepared to drop in to the LZ, as the seals popped and lowered the door the sunlight streamed in and the squad jumped onto the ropes.

    Once on the rooftop the squad immediately took forward positions above to spot any potential targets below. Plumbley managed to spot a patrol consisting of a single Trooper and Captain, the ambushed was prepped. Just before the ambush could be initiated the patrol moved from view, Tyson took the initiative and scouted ahead for Plumbley. The moment Tyson had eyes on the officer he popped up on Plumbley's HUD and he lined up the shot. It was a clean kill, The second trooper was still in hard cover so Tyson moved to a flanking position and with a quick blast from his shotgun the trooper was down. Tyson noticed the trooper had dropped something as he hit the ground, Gillespie gave the order to have Moreno move up to check it out. It turned out to be some sort of weapon modification, not exactly compatible with their gear but, thankfully they were about to rescue a scientist. As Moreno was stuffing the gear into his pack second patrol noticed the activity and moved on our location. The trooper advanced to a flanking position on Tyson, so with Moreno's quick thinking he launched one of the new acid grenades picked up last week. Upon impact it detonated into a green liquid melting and sizzling anything it touched, turning the trooper into paste. The patrol had consisted of 2 units though, the second member of the enemy patrol was unnerving to look at. A sectoid, what was previously a short 4 foot tall alien was now a 7 foot tall terror, still resembling the old creature with hints of human. The initial shock of the creatures appearance gave one enough time to cast some sort of essence that raised the trooper Tyson had just killed into some form of zombie. The aliens now had the ability to raise the dead... Gillespie knew he had to act to get the others to snap out of their trance. He took a shot but it only injured the creature. Plumbley shook his head and adjusted his sights, He landed the shot right between the eyes and took it down for the count.

    A third patrol rounded the corner consisting of another trooper and sectoid pair. Moreno still had one more grenade left, he loaded it in and launched it at the enemy. This time instead of a deadly explosion it was a thunderous bang followed by a bright flash of light. This seemed to disorient the trooper and alien disrupting its psionic control over the zombie, the zombie reeled over and was dead for a second time. Moreno couldn't resist "That one counts right?" he asked over the comms. With the patrol dazed they attempted to take a shot at Tyson who was close by but, missed. Tyson taking advantage of the situation pulled out his shiny new sabre, he charged the alien and leaped raising the blade high above his head. He brought the blade down upon the aliens right shoulder nearly slicing it in half. Gillespie and Moreno worked together to take out the last trooper, he was just out of range of Gillespie's throwing arm and Moreno was out of grenades. Gillespie tossed his grenade anyways in hopes of destroying the trooper's cover, giving Moreno a clear shot. It worked, Moreno put a quick 3 round burst in the trooper's chest a second later.

    With three patrol's down the squad regrouped and moved down the street towards the VIP's unarmed APC, they popped the back doors open and ushered the VIP out. Just as they were about to make a break for the extraction point an enemy transport came roaring in, they threw the VIP into some cover and set up a quick ambush. The enemy's aboard the transport dropped right into the middle of the kill zone, two trooper's and a captain. The squad opened up with all guns the second their boots hit the ground dropping all but, one of the troopers. The trooper dipped and dodged trying to get to cover, outnumbered it was easy for Gillespie to maneuver around and quickly take him down. Before any more reinforcements could arrive Gillespie screamed for the squad to get to the LZ, Moreno yanked the VIP up from the ground and sprinted for it. The squad reached the LZ with no more problems and successfully extracted with the VIP in tow.

    "Another inspiring victory for the resistance" Plumbley said with a smile on his face. "but, how long will it last?" Gillespie asked himself. As they returned to base they were not met with the cheers of earlier successful ops, they were ordered to the barracks and had no time to settle back in to base. Central officer Bradford and Commander McDonough were waiting there for them along with the rest of the able bodied soldiers "I don't like the look of this" Tyson said. Central officer Bradford cut to the chase before everyone even had a chance to file in "Gentleman, besides the most recent good news, I have even more recent bad news" He looked around the room stopping at the four soldiers who had just returned. "The aliens have just launched a counter attack at one of the resistance safe haven's, we need to send in a team with very little prep" He looked over to Commander McDonough "This is a potential suicide mission, the enemy will know we are coming and we don't know what to expect". You could hear a pin drop in the room, everyone was wanting to volunteer but, he never asked for volunteers so they sat hoping they would be ordered. "Commander McDonough will personally be picking soldiers for this mission, everyone you have 5 minutes to get combat ready and report back here for the Commanders decision, fall out!" The barracks exploded with noise as everyone rushed to their stations to gear up, this mission was going to be big.

    Alright so I went with a different style this time around, more like a story. I will edit in some screenshots tomorrow but, I wanted to post this tonight, Enjoy!

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    It's a good read, SSgt. Only feedback I'd give would be to chop it in to paragraphs. Still enjoying it!

    EDIT: Thanks for the fix up, @SSgt. McDonough!

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    @PFC Tyson said:
    It's a good read, SSgt. Only feedback I'd give would be to chop it in to paragraphs. Still enjoying it!

    Thanks for the feedback! Went back and edited in those screenshots along with your suggestion.

  • How's the game going SSgt?

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    @T5 Saerens
    Its somewhat on hold for the time being, I have been extremely busy with life in general and will be for some time. I still wish to continue the campaign when some time frees up and I get the drive to write up the report. I have considered recording some play throughs which would be less time consuming for myself, though let me know if that would interest you guys. The recordings would most likely be annotations without commentary.

  • @SSgt. McDonough
    No need to rush things SSgt. I understand, life can be very busy at times. Personally, I like the way you are going at it. But I'm open to new stuff as well. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the point where you can do another report.

  • I'm in for this, David Gutsche, my thing is just try to make me look like a resistance fighter, I don't want to be like some super soldier, just a average man fighting against the aliens. Make sure I have red hair as I am a red head, and green eyes. I'd also like to be a sharpshooter class if possible

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