CP2 platoon drill - 24/04/2016

Day 259

A month has passed since I was promoted to the rank of Private First Class... yet it doesn't feel that I'm in place just yet. Having the role as fire team leader, FTL, I try to get the best out of the guys I'm leading together with my SL and the others. Today was a very heavy day. It all started back at the local town of Frini, one of the largest towns around. We were acting as a rebel force, working undercover for the local rebellion movement that has a really big grasp on the Russians in town and around the given locations where their hideouts are. By doing so, we received the task of defending a relatively small camp against an incoming Russian attack to regain control of Frini.

Due to my acting NCO being in the hospital to get treated for the injury he got from a rebel last week, with cause of friendly fire, I was given the task to lead the squad during this defensive mission. In the setup, we got lucky to have enough time so I could go over the very basic things with the guys before being transported to our position by jeep.

Arriving at the camp, I quickly noticed that the camp was luckily exactly where I thought it would be, nicely covered by two perks of trees to the North East and North West of the camp. The South was completely open, but it was unlikely that the enemy would attack from that South so I left it mostly open, with some fortifications of course, but no one actively scanning the area. Dividing the squad into two fire teams, each team could face the area from North to South with each having a specific 180 degrees to scan. I sent one of our finest men, who just received the bronze star, dressed as a civilian to the city of Frini. He was able to give us accurate marks over the radio that we could use to identify their point of attack. He had to flee a couple of times, but managed to stay up and active using just his sidearm. When he told me over the radio on a seperate channel that the enemies were bringing multiple vehicles on our West, we immediately swapped to the estimated point of attack and left two guys on the east to scan possible flanking positions.

We spotted them and I gave the order to remain silent until we had a clear shot, and when we did we decimated the entire first squad of Russians. As our cover was blown, I ordered everyone to fire at will but to conserve ammo and only shoot when they were certain of a kill. I was in the back, listening to the others, calling out targets over the radio and waiting for our guy in the city for further intel. Soon we got the transmission we really didn't need: "A whole platoon of Russians is directly heading for your South- South West!" I quickly turned my head to see two PKM's aimed at our guys and fired a few grenades from my grenade launcher mounted on the dear M4A1 I was carrying, like most of us. Being able to take one gunner out, I distracted the other one and our guys quickly took care of that one. Not being able to hold it much longer, we just unloaded most of our remaining magazines until I got shot in my chest. Clean shot but just above my liver and barely hit my stomach. Being shot and severely bleeding, I gave command to the guy next to me as I knew he was capable enough of leading the rest of the time, while I took care with the medic of my bleeding in the meantime.

After I sat back down, I lost consciousness and woke up in the hotel, where I am now writing from. I'll make it without a doubt, but I heard we lost some good men there and that the civilian dressed soldier went total rampage and killed five if not six Russians on his own, using only three mags in his sidearm before slamming a vehicle of the Russians into a building and moving up with the remaining of our squad to kill off and scare the remaining hostile forces away. I'll miss those guys who died today, but they died as heroes, fighting for peace in the local region. The rebels gained respect for us US soldiers and told us they were going to try to make peace with the US and allies to fight against the Russian invaders.

Written by: PFC van Gastel
Edited by: WO1 Brewer and Cpl. Langford
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S3


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