Would there some MG-2 class (ammo guy) in RO1/DH reasonable?

Hello guys,

since the great update DH got this year, I'm seeing a more realistic, but not game-changing class possible.
The MG-2 ammo guy (as the position for the MG was in a german squad named as MG-1).

Possible equipment:
K98 with 8 clips, 2 nades, binacular and the possiblity to give 3x ammo for a MG and after resupply on some supply spot only 2x ammo giving for MG.

The often heared call "no ammo left/I need ammo!" could decrease and teamplay cound be honored by such an implementation.
In ideal games I see mortar-spotter and mortar-operator, officer and radio-man, vehicle crews and squads working together.
Why not a MG?

What do you think guys?


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    Generally the MG is working with a squad as a whole and everyone is able to give one piece of supply to either the MG, bazooka or the mortar. Mortars tend to always sit next of an ammo cache on maps so we can throw them out the picture and will rarely need to actually move unless the map is huge. Bazookas tend to require the most ammo whilst MGs aren't really there to waste all their ammunition in one huge gulp in large matches, since prolonged shooting can cause the barrel to overheat and being given all that extra ammunition is pretty much a waste. Unless you're really well timed with your bust firing with the MG to stop overheating in the first place, during large battles it can be quite hard to resist.

    But I get where you're coming from, it would be nice to have extra support related classes for specific things. From a realistic point of view it would be good to have.

  • I did not thought about the barrels.
    How about if the "MG-2 class" would carry also 1-2 barrels?
    Its even more realistic and the MG-2 gunner was also responsible for.

    Maybe even delete the possibility for normal soldiers, to give MG resupply-ammo, at least for all submachin-gunners cause of different ammo-type.

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    I've always thought the German MG's were very OP and have needed a nerf for a long time.

    Limiting their ammo to one belt, increasing their recoil, increasing overheat rate and not giving them an extra barrel are all things I would add.

    To make up for this the MG assistant class, armed with just a pistol would have two extra barrels and two extra belts. In reality the German squad level MG was a three man weapon, by using this system hopefully it will induce more realism and limit German MG'ers unrealistic;y being able to support themselves as a one man super weapon.

    I would then buff the American Garands and BAR's which unfairly had hipshooting accuracy and sighted in accuracy nerfed.


    A guy can dream right?

  • @Cpt. Patty
    Indeed, in my example I list on the squad organisation of the german side, and I am well aware, that in real they were
    3 guys, the third for spotting and tripod deployment responsible.

    Interesting point for your idea of a 3rd man.
    But would you wish a third guy only for the german side?
    Because my suggestion is not only for the german side, a "MG-2 ammo class" as I suppose, should be also available for the allies!

    About nerfing the german MG's:
    I disagree here, cause there is, except the sniper, nobody on the US-side without some minimum semi-automatic weapon.
    Even the brits have 10 rounds in their Enfields.

    Where one team is on the first view "unbalanced", the other lacks it in other area's, so overall its balanced.

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    The semi-automatic argument is touted too often in DH.

    Any DH player worth his salt knows the K98 is the better rifle. The Germans also normally have 3x SL 3x FTL and 4x Assault trooper on most maps giving them a whopping 6-9 SMG's + 3-4 STG44's / FG42's.

    Allies meanwhile have 3 SMG's and 3 BAR's / BREN's with only 1-2 MG's compared to the German's 3-4.

    All in all this means Germans have a higher number of automatics and a better MG which truly is a 1 man laser beam of death without any of the disadvantages that plagued it in real life.


    Your idea of an assistant class is interesting but my counter points are posted mainly to prove how hard it is to reach a consensus on changing classes in dh and how hard achieving 'realism' in a balanced way is.

    If I was to re-do the class / weapon system for DH today I would start from the ground up focusing on realism (because after all ww2 was pretty balanced). But to start tweaking a system already in place is a hard thing and a slippery slope. Not to mention the players who prefer one side to another who will always think their own preferred faction is under powered.

    To prove this, most threads I've seen both on this forum and the steam hub for DH end up getting locked because someone takes someone else's suggestions for balance as a personal insult. The truth is I don't envy the DH team for having to make the tough decisions on balance, though their decisions might not necessarily be my own.

  • I understand your point about the "realistic" ammount of automatic weapons in DH on german side. 1 or 2 less automatics would be also great therefore.
    The complete Red Orchestra 1 seria (and only part 1) was, specially at Ostfront very balanced always about the weapon layout. For example, there were simply no G43s or StG44s on Berezina. Or that moment when you try to knock out some KV-1 with a PZIII - probe on nerves for sure.
    Or defending Pariser Platz as Volkssturm with a soviet Nagant rifle and 0 nades.
    Agree - propably it would be hard to create such a class and tweak it balanced into the game.
    And as I am not a game developer anyway, I just wanted start a discussion about it and how this idea would fit to the people and gameplay.
    And I really hope not, that our discussion will insult somebody; to be honest: I dont expect such things on this forum.

  • I actually created a few classes for my older regiment's server. We had MG assistant but that was more for immersion. It'd be hard to code in a renewal for MG resupply, plus f the MG is using that much ammo before he is in contact with another troop, he's going to burn out that barrel. In standard DH, the MG is used for mostly covering a position and mowing down troops as they come in, and gaining fire superiority. It's rarely used for actual proper manoeuvring as you don't usually have the coordination.
    In realism we usually have 2 or 3 guys with the MG on a german team, and the MG moves up with the team and resupplies. I think an ideal scenario would be to run to a resupply and your MG ammo resupply resets. I'm not sure if that's an actual feature yet, but that would be my idea scenario.
    It's also a balance issue, if the MG has a virtually unlimited supply of ammo he has no need to conserve fire, or even aim properly. I like the idea, but it seems it might throw things a little off balance,

  • Well, historically German Squads were relying on their MG's much more then their counterparts and because of this, they had 1-2 men carrying extra ammo for their MG Man.

    Adding a MG Support Class won't be a big issue I suppose, but it's impact on the game, that can be discussed.

  • Indeed, I feel that the class is superfluous, and the game functions well enough, If wouldn't be so bad if the MG assistant had a cool down maybe? I gave my MG assistant a rifle, binoculars, white and coloured smoke, and grenades.
    again while inherently useful in certain moments, the discussion is will it be used correctly and properly? People have argued the case for the "Corporal" Class, and the real point of it, and if people use it for the benefit of the team, or just to get the extra weapon. In terms of realism, I think it's ideal, as it creates more immersion, but for use and actual impact, again it's not a big deal in my opinion.

  • I have a idea mate what if you have a class in which you can select what "extra" ammo you want to carrie for example a case of mortar shells for the mortar or extra ammo for the zook or panzerschreck (the germans had a rack they put on there back that can hold 5 rockets) and of course ammo for the MG even tho the german MG will need to be nerfed as Cpt patty said

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