Charlie Platoon drill - 30/01/2016

Day 0.

Also known as the day I signed up to join the US army. This was because the Russians started to invade various countries in the European regions and certain areas around China and Ukraine. The feeling that I'd fight the once 'united' forces of America, former Soviet Russia, that helped us defeat the fascists in the 40's really tumbled my stomach a few times and got me to doubt my choice more than once the following days. They totally destroyed them back in the days after the famous battle for Stalingrad. But in the end, I never regretted my choice to become a soldier. The day I chose was because I had some practice of similar works as leading certain teams into battles with championships in paintball. I had decent skills and knew how the structure worked and was pretty much prepared to fully go with a clear mind and strong body. This all went quickly vanished as I saw how the drill instructors yelled at us during the selection phase after we got out of the bus at the military base where we would have our first weeks of basic combat training. During the so called “BCT” we encountered strategies we never heard of and even some deep info about the standard issue weapon of the rifleman, the famous M4 carbine. I was in a group with all strangers, no familiar faces although my friends and I thought we would be in the same training platoon. I quickly got used to the people around me, as I knew they would be with me until the end.

Day 96.

5 days after BCT, we were given a test in which we had to succeed to be successfully put into the 29th Infantry Division. For all of us this was a dream that became truth, until I heard one of the drill instructors yell my name… “WALKER!”. The voice echoed through the classroom and I instantly stood up and yelled “YES DRILL SERGEANT!”. Minutes passed. Very long, tense minutes. I stood there for 20 minutes until a DI grabbed me by the chest and pulled me back, out of the room and into the corridor. Apparently my LOA didn’t get through in time and he shouted at me that if this happened one more time I’d be discharged as a so-called “stupid, worthless disgrace”. I quickly said that it won’t happen again and got instructed to go back and finish my test.

Day 97.

Everyone from our training platoon made it into the 29th Infantry Division and we celebrated it with a long light at the local brothel where, suddenly, our DI’s stormed inside and we tried to explain but they said that it didn’t matter now. We went back to the barracks at around 5 in the morning, all wasted. The following morning, we got up and surprisingly no one had a headache except me. I normally never drink and this night was just way too much for me. I wiggled my way to parade and stood in line with my fellow mates. We were called to the front, one by one and promoted to the rank of private, as we finished BCT and were combat ready.

Today, 30th of January 2026, day 168

Still being in Russia since our first deployment, we were ordered by our platoon leader to move out into a castle called “Dead Man’s Castle”. The name came from a myth about some landlord who jumped down from the castle after he lost his first war against one of his biggest enemies and was about to lose his kingdom. We have to recover and protect a valuable asset for our troops in Russia to get intel about the Russian bases. This is only possible by recovering a broken UAV drone from the Russians after breaking through the assault to protect their drone. I had recon to the south of the castle, just casually laying in the grass, waiting for a noise at which point I could let the guys know from which side we would get attacked. I was about to ask if anyone had visual when I saw green and red tracers spurt over the castle edge and I quickly asked my FTL to move up towards their position once the fire calmed down. Finally the fire softened a bit and I moved up through the dense forest, into open ground where I sprinted the lungs out of my body to get the that one tree surrounded by a few bushes. I jumped down, looked around and saw that no one was around so I was lucky. After a few minutes I heard a distorted voice over the radio that my buddies saw me run but lost sight and thought I got hit. I tried to let them know but of course, the radio was out of their range as I just had a low powered radio with me with just the reach of about 3km. Although I only ran 1 km, the mountains jammed the radio signals enough to make it impossible to gain contact without breaking up. Quickly, I decided to go around the enemy and trail them back, from their starting position to the point of their current assault. I still had my GPS with me and kept marking my road on the map that was used by everyone and the digital map was able to support a few letters per marking dot, so I went ahead and started with a “strt apprch Wlk” which meant start approach Walker, me. After a few minutes of chasing sounds of AK fire I marked my final position before noticing an enemy sniper just a few meters away from me. I fired my gun, missed terribly and immediately got shot at. The last thing I remember before waking up was a grenade landing next to me and a stinging pain in my chest that quickly got accompanied by another area in my shoulder. When I woke up, I was in the castle surrounded by medics and they said I was a retard for going behind them and that I got shot by friendly forces that were hiding in the forest. We had luck on our side that day because without the good work of our guys we wouldn’t have made it. We successfully captured the UAV after a brief but intense firefight with the Russians and their remarkably performing AK-74’s after having such harsh weather and rain. The guns kept shooting while our guns kept jamming. The bastards needed the intel that would reveal our location in their “Motherland” and we had to deny that intel. If we had not made it to the drone in time, we would have had to do an emergency EVAC of over 400 guys. We safely recovered the hard drive of the drone, blew it to pieces with the use of C4 and we quickly got to the extraction point where we got picked up by some fellow guys that drove us back to our base.

Written by: PFC van Gastel
Edited by: T/5 Deathfield and Cpl. Langford
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S3


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