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Big changes are coming to SWTOR, highly recommend anyone who spent time in this game to read up on it.

A major update called United Forces will merge servers into 5 megaservers


As always SWTOR doesn't support duplicate names, so characters may be subject to the renaming policy.

  • Subscribers get full priority to keep their names.
  • Further dispute will be settled by character playtime.

The following conditions will have no priority to keep their names. Will be autoflagged for rename

  • Characters under level 10 will lose their names
  • Characters who haven't logged in the past 90 days will lose their names
    By "lose their name" the game will ask you to name your character again upon logging in. If your old name is not taken after the merger, you could successfully rename your character to the old name it used to have.

If you want to keep your existing character name, subscribe and log in to your character before the update.
Otherwise, you'll be give a "free name change" :P

The merger supports overflow

  • legacy cargo bays will be merged. Extra items that didn't stack will go into a new overflow tab.
  • legacy currencies will overflow past the limit.
  • Characters will overflow past the 52 character limit.
  • Strongholds will overflow. (including duplicate strongholds) Decorations won't be affected.

For more details, please read the official posts:

Reddit posts on United Forces in the 30 days after announcement


  • <reserved space for more content>

  • I own the game and pretty much all expansions as well.
    We should play some time.

  • Used to play it allot. But then too much grinding...

  • Had a subscruption for a few months but kinda lost interest at some point.

  • If anyone is interested, myself and Cpl. Ochs are looking for at least 2 other people who would want to run characters through the story and group content, starting from level 1.

  • @T5 Mueller the free one of origin?

  • @PFC Alan It doesn't really matter if you download via origin or from the Star Wars The Old Republic Website.

  • edited May 2017

    Are you two subscribing? It's relevant because it would change the pace of leveling if one person doesn't have the same subscriber status as the other.

    There was a double exp event active for May The Forth Be With You, you could reach max level and start grinding Command XP (cxp) just with single player.
    Double Exp will last until May 14th, see

    May the 4th – In honor of May the 4th, log in between May 2nd and May 8th to earn your very own M4-Y6 Astromech mini-pet. The Double XP event will also run from May 4th to May 14th!

    It also gives you double cxp.

  • @T5 Mueller I should not play it right now exams are coming and stuff but yeah I am interested to play that game I only played some missions and tutorial

  • i am planning to start playing it soon ,if someone is interested

  • edited December 2017

    There's an NVIDIA geforce experience giveaway for SWTOR items

    We’re giving away STAR WARS™: THE OLD REPUBLIC™ “Rule the Galaxy Story Packs” for a limited time to GeForce Experience community members! The new pack includes the epic Knights of the Eternal Throne story expansion with a Level 65 Outlander Character Token, Chiss Talon Interceptor Speeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor Set. Choose your path as a light side hero or dark side villain and fight to rule the galaxy!

    I resubbed to keep some of my names, my main legacies are in Star Forge now

  • Sadly only for Nvidia gpu users, but they give you a code or something?

  • Downloaded this a couple days ago, me and 3 friends ganna try and get into here soon after all the holidays.

  • You all have to chose the same side to play together

  • @PFC Le start getting into this?

  • Yah we all went Sith.

  • one incovenient me and yuki saw is different servers need diferent characters so if you guys are planing to play in europe or usa you all gonna need different characters

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