How do I report an Issue Involving Another Player in the Darkest Hour or RO2/RS Servers?

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Sometimes you may encounter some troublesome players while playing on the DH or RO2/RS server. Here are some methods and the steps for reporting a problem player.

The methods below are the best way to expedite an investigation into your report. Individual threads created regarding issues on a server will be closed and may not be addressed.

Most important First Step

Whenever you encounter a problematic player, always make sure to use the listplayersDH or playerlistRO2/RS command in the console.

Darkest Hour
  1. Press the ~ key
  3. Press Enter
  4. Use Page up and Page Down to scroll through
  5. Record their ROID and name
Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm
  1. Press the ~ key
  2. type PLAYERLIST
  3. Press Enter
  4. Use Page up and Page Down to scroll through
  5. Record their ROID and name

This helps us greatly when dealing with your report.

Contact a Server Admin (NCO or Officer) via Teamspeak

Contact any NCO (Cpl. and higher) and they can assist you.

  • Please have the player's name and ROID available when contacting a member via Teamspeak

  • IP:Port

  • Password

    • 29th

Post The Offender's Name and ID in the Problem Player Reporting Thread

We have a dedicated thread to report problem players. This method is not as fast as utilizing Teamspeak (above)

  • Problem Player Reporting Thread
    • Which Game Server?
    • Post must include player name and ID
    • Approximate time of occurrence (Eastern Time)
    • Any other relevant details

Posts missing actionable details may be deleted without warning.

Send a Private Message to a member of our MP Corps

Failing action via one of the above methods or if an occurrence is involving a 29th member we encourage you to send a private message on these forums to any member of the MP Corps.

  • Click on the name of the member you'd like to contact at the link above.
  • Click View Profile
  • Click Message (next to the service jacket)
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