[Civil Affairs] - CP2S3 AAR 22/6/2035

Pvt. Jonas J. Gates
Charlie Company
Second Platoon
Third Squad
June 25th 2035

We were given orders to eliminate any and all enemy forces from an small island near Altis and setup an supply route that would also serve as an military outpost.

17:00 PM

Only CP2S3 was sent to capture the island. Intel said that there could be small resistance from the Russians. So they only sent us with an MRAP with an .50 cal on top of it. Cpl. Wilmore, our squad leader, split us into two fireteams named red and blue. Pvt. Dinklage and I were ordered to protect the MRAP and keep a lookout for flankers.

17:10 PM

We moved out and about 5 minutes later we got into an old abandoned town and we started getting fired upon. I saw an grenade fly next to Dinklage and before he could react the grenade blew up, killing him instantly. I looked behind us and saw one Russian troop running across the ditch we had just passed, I called him out and put fire on his position with tracer rounds. He was killed almost immediately.

The MRAP moved into the town then it started getting shot at, killing the gunner Pvt. Wærness. Cpl. Wilmore ordered me to go back into the ditch. When I got into it I saw an enemy soldier peeking out the ditch. I killed him with a short burst and went forward. Suddenly I heard gunshots from behind. I turned around saw another Russian soldier. I shot him but he had already killed Pvt. Danberg who was stationed in the gunner of the MRAP after Wærness was killed.

Cpl. Wilmore ordered me into the gunner seat now. We moved into a regroup point in the middle of the town. When we got in to the regroup point only 6 of us remained. Cpl. Wilmore stepped out of the MRAP to go talk to the fireteam leaders but we suddenly started getting shot from front and back. I was hit in the torso and my helmet. I blacked out for a few seconds. When I woke up I went inside the MRAP to get cover where I saw my teammates laying on the ground dead. Cpl. Wilmore, PFC Kraft and PFC Egholm, all dead. I asked on the radio if anyone is still up and luckily Pvt. Jonasson and Pvt. McConville were still alive. I turned backup to the gunner seat, killing the Russians behind us ripping them to shreds, while Jonasson and McConville were shooting front. I turned the .50 cal to the front and started shooting, killing the rest of the Russians.

17:50 PM

All Russian forces were eliminated and our objective was completed. We were given orders from HQ to wait for reinforcements and get some rest. After a few hours reinforcements came and we setup the supply route.

Pvt. Jonas J. Gates

Written by: PFC Gates
Edited by: T/5 Dethfield and PFC Langford
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S3

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