General Rules of the Board [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Hello 29thers!

Welcome to the PC Technical Support and Advice board. This board serves as a free-for-all board pertaining to Medical subjects. Similar to the off-topic thread, this board will be very similar to it in the sense that you and any others can post what you want within reason of the rules (unlike other Medical Corps boards which are for Medical Technicians and people seeking help only).

So, without further ado, here are the rules to the Technical Support and Advice board:

Rule #1: No deconstructive advice/criticism

This rule is perhaps the most important rule of all. It is of absolute and unequivocal importance to show support for whoever posts in this board and not to bring the person down or to criticize their choices. It is also important to state that any throwing of insults will result in instant trouble for the maker. Of course, if a person is wanting to buy a new GPU and already has a GTX 980 but wants to buy the all new GTX 750, then by all means correct him and tell him the differences. Just don't do so in a rude manner.

Rule #2: No off-topic posting.

I said before that this board will be similar to the off-topic thread where you can post, within reason, what you want. However true this may be, it remains to be the Medical office and posts must pertain to Medical Office subjects. EG: A post stating what the poster did last Saturday night when he went out with his friends will be deleted, whereas a discussion about which monitors to buy, etc... Will remain.

Rule #3: No posting problems here.

This board is for discussion, advice what to buy, etc... If you have a problem with your game or Teamspeak or whatever, post in the min Medical departments, which are dedicated to fixing issues.

Rule #4: Follow the rules!

It's important not to stray into the unknown and to not get into trouble. Almost every infraction I had in mind falls back into the 2 categories above. It's also important to remember that this is a 29th board, so any use of insults or any intolerance will be duly punished.

And here the list ends. More may/can be added and probably will be over time as I learn from whatever happens. The list is rather short, because I want to give you guys the freedom to post what you want about the subject at hand. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Chief of Medical and ask.

Cpl. Lacey.


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