[Civil Affairs] CP2S3 AAR for June 16th 2035

Pvt. Jonas J. Gates
29th Infantry Division
Charlie Company
Second Platoon
Third Squad
June 16th 2035

The situation in Altis still hasn't cleared up after two years from the invasion of Altis by the Russian forces. We are desperate and need more supplies every day. My own opinion is that we leave the place to rot, but they say Altis is some really important base in the future for this war. So we fight until we win or we die trying.


Our mission was to pick up two M113 Medical APC's and one Cargo Truck full of other supplies from Camp Hudson and bring the supplies to Camp Kilo for our boys so we can fight back.

A few kilometers before reaching FOB Bravery, we encountered some Russian forces in a little town. After a 30 minute firefight, we had taken the town with minimal casualties. We decided to rest for 15 minutes before moving to Camp Hudson.


As we entered Camp Hudson, everything was quiet. Suddenly an AT round hit the first APC followed by heavy fire coming from all around the Camp. One of the medical APCs was destroyed, the cargo truck was shot down as well. We were dropping like flies and we didn't even know where we were taking fire from. All the gunners from the APCs were shot down. I saw the other medical APC escape the town. My team and I were stuck in our APC and one of the new guys asked me "Are we going to make it?" and I said "No." I was right, at least from his part because he was shot instantly when we got out of the APC due to it being on fire. About 10 of us, my squad and another, were left in at the FOB. We were taking heavy fire but managed to repel the attack and took the Russians down from that site. Only four of us made it, we took the last APC that was still barely functioning.


We drove to Camp Kilo and saw that it was under an assault. When we got out and into the Camp, we saw a lot of bodies. I saw a few guys in a watchtower get shot in the head, a few guys on my left were blown up by an grenade. A couple of dumb asses ran into the open and were shot down with no mercy. I was horrified, I saw my friends get slaughtered beside me, then I was blacked out by a grenade that went off close to me. I was lucky to survive. When I got back up, I saw the last two Russian troops coming from behind killing one of ours, luckily me and another guy shot them down.
In the end there were only nine of us left until we would receive reinforcements the next morning. We had the whole day to rest. Next morning at 06:00, reinforcements arrived. We were also given orders to stay at Camp Kilo until another platoon arrives, which would be about week later.

Jonas J. Gates

Written by: PFC Gates
Edited by: WO1 Brewer and PFC Langford
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S3


  • Great job, PFC Gates!

  • I enjoyed the read, Gates, but I have to say that my immersion was somewhat broke when you called the people who got shot in the open "a couple of dumb asses" and then said that you were horrified because your friends were slaughtered; I just don't understand the mixed feelings in that particular part of your last paragraph. You are the writer and I'm not trying to change your story in any way; I'm just expressing what I thought when I was reading it.

  • Good work PFC Gates! Keep that up.

  • edited November 2016

    @PFC Weston Yeah this was from a long time ago and i don't exatly remember my thoughts of that time but i suppose that part was supposed to be separated and i most likely meant it generally and not just the "two dumbasses" and thanks for the critic :) .

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