[Civil Affairs] BP2 AAR 14/09/2016

Our lines were broken. We couldn't fight any longer. The German forces were strong. I understand we were tasked with taking the bridge sir, but the Germans, with excellent 360 degree defense, were impregnable. Our men dropped all around the area, Squad Two to the South and Squad Three to the North. The bridges weren't in view, so we clambered up hills and hid in bushes, getting eyes on the enemy placement. The time was 20:00. The Germans, expecting an attack, were aware. Aware of us, aware of our hearts beating and our minds thinking. We were spread out thinly. The three Machine Gun emplacements would've destroyed us. I dropped with Squad Two. As we were watching and waiting for an hour, shots were heard in the distance, and soon enough the Germans had found our position and started firing. We lost two good men. All of a sudden, bullet fire reigned over our heads, throwing any care out of the window. I don't know what happened to Squad Three, sir, but Pvt. Lawson swears he heard screams and shouting from his North, as he was on the far flank. As my men stayed down, I stood up. No longer caring for bullet fire, I ordered a full-on attack, no matter the casaualties. We needed the bridge. We moved forward across the field, dodging machine-gun fire and grenades lobbed over us. Still spread thin in small groups of two or three, we managed to get up to the occupied German trenches. The bridge was in sight. We cleared out the trenches and made our way into overlooking positions and set up a defensive position, lest we received a German counter-attack. The fire stopped. The screams died down. The calm before the storm. All we could hear was rustling of leaves coming from beyond. Voices searched for ears around us and rifles bolting were heard. Squad Two had four men remaining. We were on edge, and then... Machine Gun fire opened above our heads and grenades were thrown all around us. We managed to kill a good few of them before they charged us with their bayonets. We lost two more men to this. I retreated with my last remaining man. Both injured. Both scared. We got back to camp soon enough, and debriefed. We tried, sir. We tried to take the Bridge but we failed.

Cpl. Lacey

Written by: Cpl. Lacey
Edited by: WO1 Brewer and PFC Plumbley
Approved by: CoCA and Bn. S3


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