Bracket Periods:
Each vertical wave of matches in the brackets is called a bracket period. Each bracket period lasts one week, so each team has one week to play their respective match. There will be a forum thread created showcasing the brackets and the deadlines for playing matches once the signup period has ended.

Scheduling Matches:
For each bracket match, a forum thread will be created by a tournament admin. It is up to the team leaders of the teams to get in touch with the opposition and schedule their match. All official communication between the teams, including confirming match time or end result, requesting reschedules and confirming/denying reschedules should happen in this thread.

Should a team be unable to attend a match they may request a reschedule by posting in the match thread. If this request is posted at least 24 hours before the match is scheduled to be played, a new date and time has to be agreed upon. However, should the request come in less than 24 hours before the scheduled match time, the opposite team has the choice to either accept the reschedule and agree on a new date and time, or demand that the match is played on the original date and time.

Should a team be unresponsive in their match threads preventing matches or reschedules from being scheduled this will lead to the teams disqualification, so make sure to keep a regular eye on the match threads!

If a team does not show up at the time of a scheduled match this may result in the teams disqualification. Should a team not be able to muster up 8 players at the time of the match, they will be forced to play with the numbers that they have.

Team leaders will be provided a webadmin login profile to the game servers so that they can assure that the opposing team does not have any imposters by matching the in-game players UniqueIDs with the steam profile links in the opposing teams team roster thread. It is the team leaders responsibility to ensure that they are playing against the correct opposition. Disputes regarding this must be backed up with screenshots of the in-game players UniqueIDs or the dispute will be discarded.

The game servers will automatically record demos of the matches that can be examined should accusations of cheating or foul play be reported.

Reporting Match Results:
After the match has been played, the team leaders need to post the result in the match thread. It is very important that the result is reported as both teams face disqualification if the match is not reported before the end of the relevant bracket period.

Should the opposing team dispute the reported result, tournament admins will investigate and present a verdict. To simplify this stage it would be good if team leaders could provide a screenshot of the end result when they report the result in the thread.

Final Disclaimer:
The success and smoothness of this tournament relies heavily on the team leaders displaying punctuality and good sportsmanship. We do not think this will be a problem of course, but as a precaution we want to state that the tournament admins retain the unrestricted right to make the final decision in any and all arguments should they surface.

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