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29th Infantry Division In Public

Here you will find the links for all 29th Infantry Division engagements on the public front.
This includes our TeamSpeak information, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, and game servers


29th ID Realism Gaming Community

Follow -@TwentyNinthID

Civil Affairs 29th ID


Our Teamspeak server is open to the public.
Address - twentyninth.ts3.nfoservers.com (
Password - 29th
A few rules:
There are 5 channels (named as "Room") as well as channel for each of our public servers open to public players. The public must remain in those channels when they are in the 29th Teamspeak. Public players will not be dragged into private 29th Channels by admin or by any other means. In addition to common sense behaviour rules some specific rules, No racist, xenophobic, homophobic, cruel or intentionally malicious comments in voice, text or image format. No mic spam. PTT is recommended. Although we allow public access the 29th ID retains the right to kick or ban any person for any reason deemed appropriate.

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