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Dagger Operations Campaign

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Here at the 29th Infantry Division, we love including the public in whatever operations we can organize for everyone. Whether you’re a newcomer to ArmA 3 or an experienced soldier, we do whatever we can to fit the public into our operations; built around your enjoyment with a focus for realism.

With that, we are happy to announce the ‘29th Public Dagger Operations Campaign’, a zeus-guided 2+ hour a session campaign taking place every 2 weeks on Saturday at 6pm EST (11pm GMT) on our Battalion Server (more info below).

Here’s the situation: the island of Altis has began to be torn apart by civil war, ravaging every square foot of the blood-soaked land, leaving no area untouched. As the current government, helped by NATO forces, clash with a CSAT backed military coup, the Dagger Inc. Private Military Corporation find themselves in the middle of the conflict.

Under contract by the US Armed Forces, Dagger Inc. managed to extract key VIPs, namely US officials, to safety. As the fighting worsened, however, orders from the Company Head had the contractors fleeing to the South East area of the Island, where they captured and held an abandoned airfield. With a huge job to undertake, Dagger Inc. have left their local branch in control of themselves, with orders to make a reputation for the company and profit.

And that’s where you come in. As contractors of Dagger Inc., you have seized numerous assets to be used in the pursuit of profit. While initially limited, these assets are sure to grow with each completed contract, especially with missions involving the rescuing of a VIP. With diplomacy in tatters, the situation is only getting worse every day. You will be able to choose your own route to peace with a team. With each completed contract, you will earn money. This money can be spent on such things as extra ammunition, fuel, and other things vital for the mission and improvements to your airfield. The initial attack left it in dire need of repairs and improvements. You and all your team will be responsible for managing your earnings on what is most necessary to make Dagger Inc. a force to not be taken lightly.

The choices you make, always taking risk versus reward into account, could change the very balance of the situation on this island. The assets you gain or lose could have a tremendous impact on the campaign for you and everyone else. Your relationships with certain factions on the island can change and so can what assets are available to you. The money spent by your team and assets will be tracked on our forums after every game session, as will a report of the impacts on the island by each player, so make a mark for yourself and don’t doom us all.

To play this awesome operation, please join the 29th Infantry Division Battalion Server on Saturday, when the operation is running.

IP Address:

Please note there are also some required mods we use which you will need to play with.

You can also join our Teamspeak channel whenever you wish to discuss the operation or ask any questions.

IP: twentyninth.ts.nfoservers.com (or:    
Password: 29th    

To find more information on this operation, extra public sessions to play with us, and mod details, please visit here.
Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

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