Killing Floor 2

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imageMost of us know what Killing Floor is; one of Tripwires' finest games (implying they don't make anything apart from perfection). While Red Orchestra is all about Realism, Killing Floor is all about feeling awesome. For those that don't know, Killing Floor was originally a total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Tripwire approached the creator, asking towards porting the game to RO:Ostfront, he refused. As the years went by and player base declined, he took Tripwire's offer. Tripwire have then developed the game to the point you know it today.

Feature Summary



    • Stands for "Massive Evisceration and Trauma", designed to completely outdo Soldier of Forture's GHOUL system. It's the kind of gore to make you grin, not grimace.
  • Each zed in KF2 features 19 points of dismemberment.

    • "You can blow chunks off their head to reveal skull," he says. "Keep shooting the skull and it explodes, revealing brain cross sections. You can cut them in half vertically, horizontally."
  • Confirmed New Zed Called the Cyst.

    • The Cysts are new, weaker Clot variants—the underdeveloped killer babies of the genetic freak family
  • Real time map texture changes

    • The walls will be painted red from the blood of the monsters you slay. For the entire match.
  • Each zed has 95 death animations
    -Each animation divided between kill zones—the head, neck, chest, stomach, and limbs.

  • Everything Mocapped

    • Weapon animations were captured at 242 frames per second, so when zed time send the world to a crawl, you'll see every frame, every kick.
  • New Perk Abilities, with 10 planned perks

    • Levels now cap at level 25, Two skills unlock every five levels, but only one can be equipped from each pair. Generally steeper leveling curve, adding endgame and replayability.
  • Re-worked melee system

    • Light and heavy attacks, combos, and four-way directional swings.
  • Each perk has 4 main weapons

    • 40 weapons, with melee weapons and "sidegrades" that don't ruin gameplay balance.
  • Reworked AI

    • Instead of zeds becoming bullet sponges at later levels, the AI will be more improved; clots charging at you instead of stumbling around, crawlers pouring out of vents.
  • Modders at heart

    • Tripwire will support Steam Workshop for mods, and release a mod SDK.




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